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Author Topic: The fake shot is among the earliest skill moves on FIFA
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Post The fake shot is among the earliest skill moves on FIFA
on: June 13, 2019, 08:39

The fake shot is among the earliest skill moves on FIFA, but its effectiveness hasn’t waned — actually, it’s more useful than ever before thanks to the rate increase it provides. There are 3 variants of this transfer on FIFA 20: the normal fake shooter, the Cruyff Turn and the cut-in. To do a Cryuff twist, all you have to do is press the usual fake shot controls and flick the left analog stick to the other direction of where your player is facing. For the regular fake shot, you’ll have to flick your left analog stick into a 45-degree angle contrary to your player’s dominant foot. For the cut-in, you’ll need to steer your analog stick towards your participant’s dominant foot.

How to perform: Push your right analog stick (without holding down it ) towards the direction you’re facing, then move into the left and in fast succession.Stepovers were somewhat clunky on FIFA 20, but they’re a lot more fluid with this year’s iteration thanks to this new animations. They’re a great move to grow your repertoire as they allow you to change direction quickly, and therefore are quite satisfying to watch when implemented properly.You can also unite them using innovative moves like the rainbow movie, as well as the newest three-touch roulette.

The way to perform: perform a fake shot and position your left analog stick diagonally.If that you want to control on FUT, you need to understand how to perform the scoop twist: it is a ridiculously overpowered power move as a result of its own short execution time. The scoop turn is best employed when you are backed in an opposition defender — it lets you escape either side of a participant before he is in a position to react, thus providing you space to get a shot or a pass.

The way to play: Hold L1/LB, then envision your analog stick towards where you wish to exit (left or right).Often utilised by Andres Iniesta and Angel Di Maria in real life to good effect, La Croqueta is among the new yet most overpowered power moves around FIFA 19. It allows you to find your way around defenders in 1 vs 1 situations by essentially changing your lane directly in front of an opposing defender.You need to time it correctly because its cartoon is somewhat slow, hence performing it while you are going to be handled could lead to you losing the ball. It’s satisfying to watch when done correctly, though, since it provides you ample space to run into while your competitor just stands and stares.

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