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Author Topic: I think the entire thing is rsgoldfast Osrs gold
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Post I think the entire thing is rsgoldfast Osrs gold
on: May 21, 2020, 04:54

I think the entire thing is Osrs gold perplexing, although I know its kind of a long haul. Perhaps I’m simply not giving people enough credit that they can find shit out on their own, but reading through that blog post and all of the different types of death and regaining items seems like it’d be overwhelming if I wasnt following along with all the changes suggested.

You do realise that paying because punishment for dying for repairs for gear is an INCREDIBLY common goldsink in MMOs right? Runescape is odd in that regard where credit card may buy you the best equipment in RuneScape. No accomplishments neededup until recently a or degrading price for using said tier things wasnt that common. That, considering how RuneScape has changed so drastically since those days, is rather appropriate. When these death mechanics existed the toughest content back barrows and eventually was kbd.

I play an ironmeme take what I say from that standpoint. I do not think it fair I’m likely to get punished because of the economy, since I voluntarily removed myself out of the economy. I do not have time to play to pay out for each time. Especially if I realistically could only play on weekends and such, I will die a lot as I understand. I concur therefore that I do not expect to have our opinions matter as much, after all, we chose to limit ourselves.

But I believe Jagex have heard lots about how the suggested mechanics are pretty unfair for people hoping to learn, therefore I dont expect the boss death fees will remain the way they presented it in the blog article.

Though, I totally agree that they need to Buy Rs gold find out a fair system for irons. I’d like to say”they are doing it for UIM so what the fuck?” But I cant even imagine the strain of the game mode, therefore I don’t think its about precisely the exact same level.

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