Judges under special supervision, namely ‘The Great Reform ’of the Polish justice system

The changes currently being made to the Polish justice system, which cannot be referred to as a reform, but which are destroying the foundations and principles of a state governed by the rule of law, are giving rise to a great deal of concern on the part of the entirelegal environment. All Judges of the Republic of Poland, who are responsible in their mission for ensuring that citizens havea just and fair trial, are required to make the whole of the community aware of the threats that are appearing of a breach of their fundamental civic rights. We are presenting to you an in-depthand accurate analysis of the state of these threats prepared by Judge Dariusz Mazur, Spokesmanof the Association of Judges, THEMIS. The problems mentioned in it, which are known to the legal environment, should also become public knowledge, enabling every citizen to assess for themselves the acts of the ruling party that are destroying the independence of the courts and the impartiality of judges.


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