Independence of Magistrates as a Guarantee to Reduce Political Corruption.Specific Case of Prosecutors in Romania

INDEPENDENCE OF MAGISTRATES AS A GUARANTEE TO REDUCE POLITICAL CORRUPTION. SPECIFIC CASE OF PROSECUTORS IN ROMANIA Marius Bulancea, Prosecutor, Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice     Successfully prosecuting high profile cases of political corruption is an exceptional challenge for any law enforcement agency. The fundamental democratic principle according to which everyone is equal under the law does not always work when the suspects are prominent… citeste

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Nivelul şi evoluţia corupţiei din România reflectate în rapoarte oficiale şi independente

Gabi Caian

NIVELUL ŞI EVOLUŢIA CORUPŢIEI DIN ROMÂNIA REFLECTATE ÎN RAPOARTE OFICIALE ŞI INDEPENDENTE judecător Gabriel Caian, Judecătoria Craiova   In the context of freedom of market and politics and in the circumstances of free choice of travel, movement of financial resources and exchange of information between different areas, the opportunities to gain power and wealth, including the illegal ways, have increased. Corruption hardens and alters the economic development,… citeste

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Detaşarea judecătorilor şi procurorilor la alte autorităţi publice decât instanţele sau la instituţii publice

DETAŞAREA JUDECĂTORILOR ŞI PROCURORILOR LA ALTE AUTORITĂŢI PUBLICE DECÂT INSTANŢELE SAU LA INSTITUŢII PUBLICE    judecător Horaţius Dumbravă,                                              judecător Dragoş Călin, Curtea de Apel Târgu Mureş                                                 Curtea de Apel Bucureşti   The secondments of the judges and of the prosecutors to… citeste

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Remunerarea magistraţilor – condiţie a independenţei justiţiei

REMUNERAREA MAGISTRAŢILOR – CONDIŢIE A INDEPENDENŢEI JUSTIŢIEI   judecător Paula-Andrada Coţovanu,                         judecător Cristi Danileţ,  Curtea de Apel Piteşti                                                 Tribunalul Cluj The delay in adopting a new law on the remuneration of the magistrates aimed at precluding the disparities and inequities caused by the current specific… citeste

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Recrutarea magistraţilor

RECRUTAREA MAGISTRAŢILOR – GARANŢIE PRINCIPALĂ A INDEPENDENŢEI ACESTORA    judecător Roxana Maria Lăcătuşu,                                   judecător  Angelica Cruceanu,  Judecătoria Sectorului 4 Bucureşti                                   Judecătoria Focşani     The training of a body of magistrates responding to the actual and optimum profil of the magistrate is a desideratum and its… citeste

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Интервью Ольга Кудешкина – свобода выражения мнений

Интервью Ольга Кудешкина – свобода выражения мнений               “The judgment of the European Court of Human Rights is a great victory for all Russian citizens who need an independent, impartial and equitable justice, that in many instances cannot be found in Russia. This is also the reason for which many of them need to address to the European Court of Human Rights.             The decision rendered to me a… citeste

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