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CJEU – Case C-506/22, Parchetul de pe lângă Judecătoria Câmpina and Others. Compatibility with European Union law of the effects of the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Romania No 358/2022. Possibility of creating a substantive criminal law which has the effect of removing the criminal liability of the perpetrators by restricting the effects of the statute of limitations on criminal liability and an effective mechanism of systemic impunity for any acts constituting offences

By judgment of 01.07.2022, the Câmpina First Instance Court referred the matter to the Court of Justice of the European Union, pursuant to Article 267(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union for a preliminary ruling on the following question: “The principle of the supremacy of European Union law must be interpreted as permitting national courts of ordinary law to leave unapplied, of their own motion, decisions of the national constitutional court whereby, in… citeste

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(Română) CJUE – cauza C-506/22, Parchetul de pe lângă Judecătoria Câmpina și alții. Compatibilitatea cu dreptul Uniunii Europene a efectelor Deciziei Curții Constituţionale nr. 358/2022. Posibilitatea creării unei norme penale substanţiale care are efect înlăturarea răspunderii penale a făptuitorilor prin restrângerea efectelor prescripţiei răspunderii penale şi un mecanism efectiv de impunitate sistemică a oricăror fapte ce constituie infracțiuni, indiferent de natura şi gravitatea acestora, inclusiv cu privire la cele de fraudă și orice altă activitate ilegală care aduce atingere intereselor financiare ale Uniunii și corupție, referitor la care România și-a asumat obligații exprese

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Magistrates’ associations and civil society: We request the Minister of Justice to urgently publish the projects for justice laws and Penal Codes and to submit them to the Venice Commission

The Romanian Judges Forum, The Movement for Defending the Statute of Prosecutors and Initiative for Justice associations, professional organizations of judges and prosecutors, respectively Funky Citizens, Declic and Vedem Just associations, representing the civil society, took note of the announcement made by the Ministry of Justice from April 18 2022 regarding the transmission for consultation of the projects for justice laws and Penal Codes to European Comission, under the… citeste

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