The Romanian Judges’ Forum Association, the Movement for Defending the Status of Prosecutors Association and the Initiative for Justice Association, in line with the values they have committed and promoted over time, express their sympathy and unconditional aid to Ukrainian neighbours, who are victims of armed aggression contrary to the rules of international law

We recall that we are members of a Union that seeks to promote peace, the values and well-being of its peoples (Art. 3 TEU), that the dignity and rights of all people are the foundations of our civilisation, Western civilisation, and everyone endangers our own civilisation.

No one should fear their lives, their family or the loss of their home.

Only two days have passed since the attacks initiated by the Russian Federation on Ukraine, and the images transmitted from the conflict zone, the figures of those who were forced to leave their country and the sound of artillery revolted the civilized world. Acts of barbarism and endangering the lives of our fellow human beings can only come from disregarding fundamental human rights and contempt for the value of the human person.

We call on the Romanian authorities to ensure the protection of Ukrainian citizens, as required by Article 19 para.(3) of the Romanian Constitution, to our colleagues and compatriots to continue to support those who left the conflict zones to save their lives. We are ready to help Ukrainian judges and prosecutors who are refugees in Romania.

As citizens of a state that is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which has not betrayed its confidence in the values set out in its Preamble, we reaffirm our belief that the recognition of the inherent dignity of all members of the human family and their equal and inalienable rights and peace in the world. We recall that the Member States, including the Russian Federation, have committed to encouraging the development of friendly relations between nations, to promote, in cooperation with the United Nations, universal and effective respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and their universal and effective respect, and to abdicate from this common ideal is a treason of international understandings and the values of our civilisation.


The Romanian Judges Forum Association

The Movement for Defending the Status of Prosecutors Association

The Initiative for Justice Association

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