Probațiunea în materia infracțiunilor de corupție. Provocarea. Martorul “denunțător”

PROBAŢIUNEA ÎN MATERIA INFRACŢIUNILOR DE CORUPŢIE. PROVOCAREA. MARTORUL “DENUNŢĂTOR”   Amalia-Cecilia Moleanu, judecător Tribunalul Dolj        The following paper deals with certain issues concerning the rights to a fair trial, such as presumption of innocence, principle of „equality of arms”, assessment of the evidence, and expose the evolution of national and European caselaw and also the requirements derived from the European Convention on Human Rights…. citeste

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Independence of Magistrates as a Guarantee to Reduce Political Corruption.Specific Case of Prosecutors in Romania

INDEPENDENCE OF MAGISTRATES AS A GUARANTEE TO REDUCE POLITICAL CORRUPTION. SPECIFIC CASE OF PROSECUTORS IN ROMANIA Marius Bulancea, Prosecutor, Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice     Successfully prosecuting high profile cases of political corruption is an exceptional challenge for any law enforcement agency. The fundamental democratic principle according to which everyone is equal under the law does not always work when the suspects are prominent… citeste

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Discriminarea generată de jurisprudenţa Î.C.C.J. în materia gradului profesional al procurorilor D.N.A. şi D.I.I.C.O.T.

DISCRIMINAREA GENERATĂ DE JURISPRUDENŢA Î.C.C.J. ÎN MATERIA GRADULUI PROFESIONAL AL PROCURORILOR DIRECŢIEI NAŢIONALE ANTICORUPŢIE ŞI DIRECŢIEI DE INVESTIGARE A INFRACŢIUNILOR DE CRIMINALITATE ORGANIZATĂ ŞI TERORISM Studiu realizat în anul 2009        judecător Dragoş Călin,                               judecător Sergiu-Leon Rus,         Curtea de Apel Bucureşti                           … citeste

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Remunerarea magistraţilor – condiţie a independenţei justiţiei


REMUNERAREA MAGISTRAŢILOR – CONDIŢIE A INDEPENDENŢEI JUSTIŢIEI   judecător Paula-Andrada Coţovanu,                         judecător Cristi Danileţ,  Curtea de Apel Piteşti                                                 Tribunalul Cluj The delay in adopting a new law on the remuneration of the magistrates aimed at precluding the disparities and inequities caused by the current specific… citeste

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Priorităţi actuale ale sistemului judiciar

PRIORITĂŢI ACTUALE ALE SISTEMULUI JUDICIAR ÎN CONTEXTUL STRATEGIEI DE REFORMĂ    judecător Ciprian Coadă, vicepreşedinte Tribunalul Constanţa      The rule of law is based upon the judiciary as a central element of the social stability, the consequence being that the equilibrium between the social structures and the bodies of the judiciary is essential. The judiciary systems have to adapt to the social dynamics, which tends to be more and more complex nowadays,… citeste

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