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Dragoş Călin – Time to Act

Lavinia Lefterache – Brief Comments Regarding the Impact of the Criminal Proceeding Law on the Judiciary System

Adrian Neacşu – 2009, the Year of Judges’ Unionisation?


Ionuţ Militaru – Truth or Challenge: Respecting the Independence of Justice

Ciprian Coadă – Current Priorities of the Judiciary System in the Context of the Reform Strategy

Adrian Neacşu – Improving the Transparency in the High Council of Magistracy Activities. The Solution of the Civil Society and of the Professional Environment

Cristi Danileţ – The High Council of Magistracy – Illegal Prerogatives Concerning the Magistrates’ Ethics

Adrian Neacşu – Full Publishment of the Judgements

Adrian Neacşu – Jurindex – the Index of the National Caselaw

Paula-Andrada Coţovanu, Cristi Danileţ – Magistrates’ Remuneration – a Condition for the Independence of Justice

Dragoş Călin, Sergiu-Leon Rus – The Discrimination Caused by the Caselaw of the High Court of Cassation and Justice Concerning the Professional Rank of the Prosecutors of the National Anticorruption Directorate and the Directorate for Investigation of Organised Crimes and Terrorism Activities

Roxana Lăcătuşu, Ionuţ Militaru – Contradictory Caselaw in Interpreting the Legal Stipulations Concerning the Probation Magistrates’ Remuneration

Roxana Lăcătuşu, Angelica Cruceanu – Magistrates’ Recruitment – a Condition of their Independence

Horaţius Dumbravă, Dragoş Călin – The Transfer of Judges and Prosecutors to other Public Authorities than the Courts and to Public Institutions

Antoanela Florescu, Dragoş Călin – Carrying the Same Position of Judge in another Member State of the European Union. Compatibility

Lord Justice Thomas – Perspectives on the Councils for the Judiciary

Gabriel Caian – The Level and the Evolution of Corruption in Romania Reflected in Official and Independent Reports

Horaţius Dumbravă, Dragoş Călin The Evolution of the Judicial System in Romania during the Past 60 Years

Marius Bulancea – Independence of Magistrates as a Guarantee to Reduce Political Corruption. Specific Case of Prosecutors in Romania

Dragoş Călin – The Independence of the Magistracy and the Fight Against Corruption

Dana Cigan – The Place and the Role of Judges and Prosecutors in a Democratic State

Adina Daria Lupea – U.S. Judicial System


Dragoş Călin, Horaţius Dumbravă Discussions about the Constitutionality of art. 55 paragraph 1 and 2, Law 304/2004

Amalia-Cecilia Moleanu – The Evidence Concerning the Crimes of Corruption. The Challenge. The “Denouncing” Witness

Cristi Danileţ, Dragoş Călin – Judicial Confusions between the Council of Europe and the European Union

Simona Kovács – Foreign Citizens’ Right to Obtain the Property of the Lands by Means of the Legal Reconstitution in their Capacity of Successors of the Former Owner

Dragoş Călin, Alina Manuela Tăruş – Preliminary Order. The Inadmissibility of the Appeal

Cristi Danileţ – The “Gobrunov” Case – the Suspension of Imprisonment Enforcement

Laura Curcio – Discriminations Caused by the Differences of Race and Ethnic Origin


Mihai Selegean – Dragoş Bogdan, The Preventive Detention and the Imprisonment in ECHR Caselaw


The National Union Of the Romanian Judges

European Magistrates for Democracy and Liberties

The Forum of Judges from Oltenia