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Contents no. 3/2009


Roxana Maria Lăcătuşu – Romanian Judicial Crisis of the Year 2009. The Dignity of the Magistrates

Dignity Through Reform in the Judiciary in the Benefit of Citizens

Interview with Mrs. Olga Kudeshkina – Russian Judge Excluded from the Magistracy for Expressing her Opinion Regarding the State of the Judiciary


Ionuţ Militaru, Dragoş Călin – Freedom of Expression of the Judiciary. Limitations and Vulnerabilities

Eric Alt – The Organization of the Judicial System: An European Problem

Agnès Galajda – Independence of the Judiciary and Corruption in the Judiciary – the Experience of the Hungarian Judiciary

Alexandru Ştefan Predescu – Implementation of EU Funding Projects at the Level of the Public Ministry

Joaquín Bayo-Delgado – Self-governation of Courts – Hierarchical Model (vertically) vs. Democratic Model (horizontally). The Spanish Model

James E. McMillan, Carolyn E. Temin – Determining the Complexity of the Cases – Using the Held Data for Court Administration


Ana-Maria Lucia Zaharia – Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts

Florin Mihăiţă- Contraventional Law. Issues Regarding the Complementary Measure of Seizing Vehicles Provided by E.O.G. no. 12/2006

Tamara Laliashvili – Negotiationg Punishment in the German Criminal Law

Gerald N. Rosenberg – Romancing the Court

Lon L. Fuller – The Most Controversial Judicial Decision of All Time. The Case of the Speluncean Explorers

Dragoş Călin – Tragicomedy in Applying Community Law in Romania

Evangelia Palaiologou – Female Immigration in Greece

European Court of Human Rights,  Case of Kudeshkina v. Russia, judgment of 26 February 2009

European Court of Human Rights, Case of  Albayrak v. Turkey, judgment of 31 January 2008

Supreme Court of the United States – Calderon v. Thompson, judgment  of 9 December  1997


Manjola Bejleri – The Legal Personality and Goals of the  Albanian Judges Association


Order of the Court of First Instance (Fourth Chamber) of 6 July 2009 in Case T 181/09, Cornelia Oprea v. Commission of the European Communities

Order of the Court of First Instance (Sixth Chamber) of 22 July 2009 in Case T 234/09, Constantin Hârsulescu v. Romania

Civil Decision no. 923/02.06.2009 given by the Court of Appeals Timisoara, Department of Labor and Social Security Conflict


David Pannick – I Have To Move My Car. Tales of Unpersuasive Advocates and Injudicious Judges, October 31, 2008, Hart Pub, Oxford and Portland, Oregon