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(Română) CJEU: „The national provisions requiring judges to submit a written declaration indicating any membership of an association, non-profit foundation or political party, which provide that that information be placed online, infringe the fundamental rights of those judges to protection of personal data and respect for private life. The placing online of information relating to past membership of a political party is not, in the present case, appropriate for attaining the alleged objective of strengthening the impartiality of judges. Information relating to membership of associations or non-profit foundations on the part of judges is liable to reveal their religious, political or philosophical beliefs. The placing online of that information could enable persons who, for reasons unrelated to the alleged public interest objective, seek to obtain information about the personal situation of the judge concerned to have free access to those data. Having regard to the specific context of the measures introduced by the amending law, such placing online is, moreover, liable to expose judges to risks of undue stigmatisation, by unjustifiably affecting the perception of those judges by individuals and the public in general”

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