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Silviu Gabriel Barbu – Meek Words on Romanians and on Justice

INTERVIEWS – About Justice and Judges

Interviews with Mr Jacques Barrot, Ms Mihaela Amoos and Mr Răzvan E. Miuțescu


Alex Kozinski and Robert Johnson – Of Cameras and Courtrooms

Richard Nobles and David Schiff Why do judges talk the way they do?

Nelly Madanska – The Role of the Minister of Justice Inspection concerning the Relationship between the Judiciary and the Executive

Fabrizio Amato – The Superior Council Questionnaire on the Women Status in the Italian Magistracy: Ideas for Analysis, Characterization on Criticism, Roadmap on Effectiveness of the Gender Equality

Roberto Contreras Olivares – Prison Realities and Cultural Challenges

Anamaria Groza – Insights on the Luxembourg Judiciary


Lucreţia Albertina Postelnicu – Effects of the Intentional Deception concerning the Unsecured Creditors under the Current and Future Framework of the Civil Code

Dragoș Călin – Provisions of the European Union Law in the Field of Social Security Systems. The Romanian Experience

Roxana Lăcătușu – Legal Standing of a Third Party to Bring an Action for Annulment against the Certificate of Succession


Administrative justice. Appeal by a professional association of the magistrates against a judgment of the plenary formation of the Superior Council of Magistracy that ordered a promotion as a judge to the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Lack of interest

Professional rank recognition. The Superior Council of Magistracy may not be ordered to recognise a superior professional rank following an examination held by another body and whose results were not used inside the legal period

Justice trainees. Lack of a legal basis for a request by a justice trainee, that was not promoted during a graduation session of the National Institute of Magistracy, to order the institution to hold a new graduation session and to resume the payment of a training grant

Assistant magistrates. Interpretation of provisions of the Act No. 92/1992 and of the Act No. 56/1993 in force on the date of appointment as assistant magistrate that held that by mere fulfilment of the length-of service condition the applicants should be given by law the professional degree as Court of Appeal judge runs counter to the legal framework that regulates the promotion of judges and prosecutors.


The Legal Resources Center of Moldova


GEMME – Romanian Section – Mediation in the European Union. Evolution and perspective


Decision of the Constitutional Court No 1197 of 30 September 2010 on the preliminary ruling on the issue of constitutionality of the provisions of Articles 147(2) and 255(1) of the Criminal Code

Order of the General Court (First Chamber) of 11 March 2011 in Case T-73/11 Asociaţia Naţională a Cadrelor Militare în Rezervă şi în Retragere « Alexandru Ioan Cuza » – Filiala 5 Bucureşti împotriva României