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Contents no 3/2010

INTERVIEWSAbout Justice and Judges

Interviews held with Mr. Valeriu Stoica, Mr. Călin Andrei Zamfirescu, Mr. Călin Andrei Mihăilescu and Mr. Constantin Sperneac-Wolfer


Andra Asănică – Judges’ Civil Liability. National Law and Comparative Law

Blake Denton The Federal Judicial Salary Crisis

Hrachik Sargsyan, Vahe Yengibaryan Conceptual Development of the Judiciary in the Republic of Armenia


Dragoş Călin – The Application and Interpretation of European Union Law by the Constitutional Court

Vasile Rotaru, Igor Dolea, Ion Crețu – Study on the Complex Analysis of Legislative and Institutional Causes leading to Conviction of the Republic of Moldova by the European Court of Human Rights


Prohibition of the Italian Magistrates to Take Part in a Continuous and Organised Manner in a Political Party Is Provided as a Case of Misconduct even in Cases when they Carry other Activities than the Judicial Activities

Fulfilling the Legal Requirements to Hold a Position of Judge. Good Reputation. Resolution to Remove from Criminal Prosecution concerning an Offence of Theft  

The Superior Council of the Magistracy Has both the Power to Enact the Code of Conduct for Judges and Prosecutors and to Address Complaints concerning its Infringement

Substantive Competence. Administrative Legal Acts Adopted in Relation with the Election of Management Bodies of the Superior Council of the Magistracy Do not Qualify as Events Connected to the Career or Rights


The Conference “The judgements given by the European Court of Human Rights in cases concerning Romania. Analyse, consequences, potentially responsible authorities. Applying the pilot-judgment procedure for systemic dysfunctionalities”, Bucharest, 21 October 2010

The Conference “Establishing the authorities responsible for convictions concerning the Republic of Moldova and Romania to the ECHR. The Magistrates responsibility”, Chişinău, 22-23 October 2010

Presentation of the Institute for Human Rights in Moldova (IDOM) and the Public Interest Association “Lawyers for Human Rights


Order of the General Court of 14 October 2010, Case T‑296/10, Gheorghe V. Varga and Niculae Haliu v. the Council of the European Union

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