Remember: Public Letter of Romanian Judges and Prosecutors concerning the delimitation from the Participation of some Professional Associations at the Special Parliamentary Committee Regarding the Modification of the “Laws of Justice”

The undersigned, judges and prosecutors from courts and prosecutors’ offices, as well as trainee magistrates from the National Institute of Magistracy, considering the attempt of justification of the changes brought to the “laws of justice” through the propositions made by two magistrates associations (The National Union of Romanian Judges and the Association of Romanian Magistrates) [1], we bring to public awareness the following:  


Contrary to the statements of the initiators of the three drafts of law, we say without reserve that the parliamentary debate regarding all these drafts of law has completely ignored the point of view of the overwhelming majority of magistrates and successive negative opinions given by the Plenary of the Superior Council of Magistracy.

Thus, in the course of October 2017, approximately 4000 Romanian judges and prosecutors, more than half of their total, have signed the “Memorandum for the Withdrawal of the Draft of Modification of the Laws of Justice” addressed to the Romanian Government.[2]

In November 2017, more than 90% of the general assemblies from Romanian courts and prosecutors’ offices have contested the drafts of law undergoing parliamentary debate that were voted in December 2017. [3]

Also, the silent protests of thousands of Romanian magistrates, starting with the 18th of December 2017, in front of theirs courts and prosecutors’ offices, who asked for the slightest of dialogues, are well-known, being covered worldwide by the press (from the United States to Pakistan, from the Philippines and Angola to Western Europe). [4]

Consequently, almost all Romanian judges and prosecutors have not accepted these drafts of law; their opinion was disregarded, avoiding all dialogue with them in an actual “judicial experiment”, in the absence of any impact studies and prognoses, a situation which will determine consequences that will be very difficult, if not impossible, to correct.

The drafts have been severely criticised by dozens of Western embassies in Romania, by the State Department of the United States of America, by countless non-governmental organisations in Romania and in other states, by the entire civil society, and by hundreds of thousands of citizens through street protests.

The last Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on Progress in Romania under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (2017)[5] explicitly recommends for Romania, “in order to improve further the transparency and predictability of the legislative process, and strengthen internal safeguards in the interest of irreversibility”, that “the Government  and  Parliament should ensure full transparency and take proper account of consultations with the  relevant  authorities  and  stakeholders in  decision-making and legislative   activity   on   the Criminal Code and Code for Criminal Procedures, on corruption laws,  on  integrity  laws (incompatibilities, conflicts of interest, unjustified wealth), on the laws of justice  (pertaining to the organisation of the justice system) and on the Civil Code and Code   for Civil Procedures.”

In the same lines, the European Commission held that, in the present context, ignoring the opinions of the Superior Council of Magistracy and the firm position of magistrates raises questions regarding the need to re-examine all progress made concerning the independence of the judiciary.


To conclude, validating the modifications already brought to the “laws of justice” and the ones announced for the near future concerning the Criminal Code and the Code for Criminal Procedures, by referring to the propositions made by the two magistrates associations (The National Union of Romanian Judges and the Association of Romanian Magistrates), which did not presented a minimum of representation from their members, no matter their number, is absurd and void; the statements of these associations do not have the support of thousands of magistrate colleagues.

The only forms of real representation of Romanian magistrates are the general assemblies from Romanian courts and prosecutors’ offices, the opinions of which have been always assumed by the Superior Council of Magistracy, as a constitutional guard of the independence of justice.




  1. Dragoș Călin, judge, Curtea de Apel București
  2. Claudiu Dragusin, judge, JS4
  3. Sorina Marinaș, judge, Curtea de Apel Craiova
  4. Veronica Sîrbu,judge, Judecătoria Sectorului 4 București
  5. Oana Livia Apetri, judge, Judecatoria Tg. Neamt
  6. Sîrbu Teodor Călin, judge, Tribunalul București
  7. Anca Gheorghiu, judge, Judecatoria Brasov
  8. Miulescu Elena Irina, prosecutor, P.J. Strehaia
  9. Dîrzeanu Iulian, judge, Tribunalul Bucureşti
  10. Doncea Andrei, prosecutor, PT Ilfov
  11. Roxana Tasica Budulan, judge, Curtea de Apel Timisoara
  12. Simon Antoniu, judge, Curtea de Apel Cluj
  13. Ștefăniță Gogea , prosecutor, DIICOT
  14. Sorin Maciuc, prosecutor,PJS6
  15. Simion Oana, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  16. Marinel Nicolae, prosecutor ,PT Olt
  17. Radmacher Raul, prosecutor, DIICOT – Serviciul Teritorial Cluj
  18. Munge Mircea, prosecutor, PJ Oradea
  19. Anca Iovan, prosecutor , DIICOT Brasov
  20. Corneliu Iftim, prosecutor , DIICOT
  21. Daniel Giorgian , prosecutor ,PJ Galați
  22. Timoașcă Maria,judge,Tribunalul Constanta
  23. Andra-Monica Lăsconi, judge, judecătoria Ploieşti
  24. Daniel Simion, prosecutor, PJ Focsani
  25. Marilena Victoria Mircioi, judge, Tribunalul Constanța
  26. Fanel Arabelea , judge, jud. Slatina
  27. Bogdan Ioana , judge, JS2
  28. Constantinescu Laurentiu George, prosecutor, J. Motru
  29. Popescu Luminita Teodora,judge, Judecatoria Mangalia
  30. Voroneanu Denisia, prosecutor, PJ Botosani
  31. Fânariu Ștefan, prosecutor PJ Săveni
  32. Dordea Alexandra, prosecutor PJS5
  33. Truica Irina-Veronica , judge, JS2
  34. Taghiev Ramona, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  35. Claudia Bojin, judge, Jud Constanta
  36. Simon Dragos Nicolae, prosecutor ,PJ Turda
  37. Nedea Cristina , judge, JS1
  38. Zlate Nadia, prosecutor ,DNA ST Constanta
  39. Chihaia Gabriela Nicoleta, judge, Tribunalul Harghita
  40. Daniel Popescu, prosecutor, PJS3
  41. Corina-Iuliana Dinică, prosecutor, PJ Pitești
  42. Mihai Gabriel Dinică, prosecutor , PJ Faurei
  43. Trif Marian Mihai, prosecutor ,PJ Turda
  44. Resmerita Clement Mihai, prosecutor ,PT Bucuresti
  45. Codreanu Roxana Andreea, prosecutor ,PJ Iasi
  46. Dordea Marcian Silviu, prosecutor, PJ Blaj
  47. Grecu Adrian, prosecutor, PT Timiș
  48. Miu Madalina, prosecutor, PT Calarasi
  49. Serban Brindusa, judge, Curtea de Apel Iasi
  50. Nistor Gigi, prosecutor, PJ Filiasi
  51. Dobrea Laura , prosecutor , PT Brăila
  52. Puiu Alexandru, prosecutor ,PJ Buftea
  53. Toma Ștefan-Alexandru, judge, Judecătoria Constanța
  54. Carstea Alina Viorica, judge, Judecatoria Luduș
  55. Zavalasi Doina , judge, CA Craiova
  56. Florin Vîlceanu, judge, Judecatoria Sector 4 Bucuresti
  57. Sorin Pasare, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  58. Alexandru Ceausu, prosecutor, PJ Timișoara
  59. Lapadat Coralia, prosecutor ,PJ Timisoara
  60. Ion Mihaela, judge, judecătoria Buzău
  61. Let Constantin, prosecutor , PJ Piatra Neamt
  62. Olimpia-Maria Trastau, prosecutor ,PT Timis
  63. Andreea Cristina Vlăsceanu, judge, JS4
  64. Pitrop Cristina-Beatrice, prosecutor, P.J. Constanta
  65. Cristian Burlacu, judge, Judecatoria Sectorului 1 Bucuresti
  66. Cîrjan Vlad, judge, Judecatoria Sectorului 4
  67. Ioana-Luiza Negulescu, judge, Judecatoria Giurgiu
  68. Radu Florea, prosecutor PJ Turda
  69. Busu Lorelei, judge, Judecatoria Buzau
  70. Vasile Tudor-Iulian, prosecutor, PJ Fetesti
  71. Simona Țuca, prosecutor ,PT Argeș
  72. Comanita Alina Elena, prosecutor ,PT Covasna
  73. Teodorescu Vlad Eugen, prosecutor ,PT Covasna
  74. Nicolae Stamate Tamasan, judge, Tribunalul Maramures
  75. Ciolacu Cristian, prosecutor ,PT Dolj
  76. Georgiana Coman,judge, JS2
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  78. Andrei Jurca, prosecutor , Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Timișoara
  79. Cristina Frincu, prosecutor, PJS2 Bucuresti
  80. Gherghina Alina Nicoleta, prosecutor, PJS6
  81. Cristina Moisa, judge,judge, CA Brasov
  82. Diana Bulancea ,judge, CAB
  83. Rotundu Gabriela Adriana,judge, Judecatoria Iasi
  84. Madalina Banoti, Judge, Judecatoria Constanta
  85. Vieriu Tudor Ionut, prosecutor ,PJ Roman
  86. Gulin Catalina-Maria, prosecutor , P.J. Constanta
  87. Alba Radu Ioan, prosecutor, PJ Oradea
  88. Claudia Stinga,judge, JS1
  89. Isac Anamaria Iulia, judge, Judecatoria Botosani
  90. Georgeta Benchea, judge, Judecătoria Sebeș
  1. Alexandra – Bianca Prunea, judge, Judecatoria Targu Mures
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  4. Popescu Adrian – Tribunalul Cluj
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  14. Bianca Laura Găzdac, prosecutor, PJ Tg. Mureș
  15. Pîrvu Ana Maria, prosecutor, PJ Slobozia
  16. Cosmin Adrian Iordache, prosecutor, DNA
  17. Aurelian Manzu, prosecutor , PT Arad
  18. Vida-Simiti Anamaria Gabriela , judge, CA Cluj
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  30. Crețu Carmen-Diana, judge, Judecătoria Slatina
  31. Daniela Tiriteu, judge, Judecatoria Arad
  32. Chivu Irina, prosecutor ,PJ TIMIȘOARA
  33. Câțu Lilișor, prosecutor, PJ Brașov
  34. George Enescu, prosecutor , PT Ilfov
  35. Florian Costin , judge, Tribunalul Galati
  36. Andone Alina Madalina , judge, JS1
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  38. Matei Andreea-Isabella, prosecutor, PJ Buhusi
  39. Negrut Catalina, prosecutor ,PJS6
  40. Hanzu Silvia, judecator , JS 3
  41. Ana-Maria Chirilă, judge, Judecătoria Cluj-Napoca
  42. Conea Vlad-Alexandru, judge, judecatoria Giurgiu
  43. Baltag Andreea Georgiana, judge, Judecătoria Constanța
  44. Marian Drilea, prosecutor, DIICOT ST Brașov
  45. Calin Radu Bogdan, prosecutor ,PJ Slatina
  46. Neculaica Elena, prosecutor ,PT Constanta
  47. Alexandru Bogdan Popescu, judge, Jud. Tg Jiu
  48. Arsene Cătălin, prosecutor, PT Argeș
  49. Simona-Stefania Constantinescu, prosecutor , DNA-Structura Centrală
  50. Alina Gabriela Grigore, prosecutor, PJ Targoviste
  51. Anca Borsan, judge, Galati
  52. Albulescu Camelia, prosecutor ,PJ Cornetu
  53. Mitru Marcel Teodor, judge, Judecătoria Filiași
  54. Satmarici Iulia-Diana, prosecutor , PJ Medgidia
  55. Bădan Mihai Claudiu, prosecutor , P.J. Tulcea
  56. Tomescu Alexandra Sorina, prosecutor PJ Calarasi
  57. Neacșa Ioana Mihaela, judge, Tribunalul Arges
  58. Stănculescu Catalin, judge, Judecătoria Strehaia
  59. Tabirta Lorin, prosecutor , PJ Timisoara
  60. Chițu Georgiana-Valentina, prosecutor, PJ Ploiești
  61. Lucica Dobrin, judge, Curtea de Apel Timișoara
  62. Galatan Anisoara, prosecutor , PJS6
  63. Munteanu Monica, prosecutor, DNA
  64. Rosca Sergiu, prosecutor, PJ Satu Mare
  65. Madalina Birlog -Tribunalul Bucuresti
  66. Cirneciu Felicia Tincuta,judge, JS2
  67. Corina Moiş, prosecutor , PJ Satu Mare
  68. Florea Ana-Maria, judecător, Judecătoria Sibiu
  69. Marin Ana – Maria, prosecutor, T. Brasov
  70. Marian Clement Virgil, prosecutor , PJ Baia Mare
  71. Scaleţchi Constantin , prosecutor , PJ Tulcea
  72. Tinca Ionela, prosecutor , PJ Timisoara
  73. Thea Zinca, judge, Judecatoria Caransebeș
  74. Pantea Marius, prosecutor, PJ Cluj-Napoca
  75. Ghita Bogdan , prosecutor , PJ Buftea
  76. Ionuț Borlan, judge, Judecatoria Cluj-Napoca
  77. Ispasoiu Stefan Aurelian, prosecutor , DNA
  78. Dinu Eugenia Viviana, judge, Galați
  79. Vlad Elena Claudia, judge, Judecătoria Slatina
  80. Carmen Livia Nicuta, prosecutor, DIICOT Bucuresti
  81. Ana Muresan, prosecutor , PjS2
  82. Bulzan Mihaela, prosecutor, DIICOT Oradea
  83. Oprescu Alexandra Georgiana, prosecutor, PJ Ploiești
  84. Ardelean Cristian , prosecutor , DNA ST Oradea
  85. Sovarschi Laura, prosecutor, PJ Alesd
  86. Sohorca Florin, prosecutor, PJ Nasaud
  87. Ungureanu Elena Cerasela, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  88. Ciobanu Ionica Daniel, prosecutor, PJ Caracal
  89. Macovei Mădălina Maria, judge, Judecătoria Sibiu
  90. Neculaes Alina, prosecutor, C.A. Bacau
  91. Călina Crișan, judge, Jud. Cluj-Napoca
  92. Vîlcea Luciana Elena, prosecutor , PJ Cornetu
  93. Viciu Maria Mirabela, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  94. Airinei Vasile¸ prosecutor ,DIICOT ST IASI
  95. Georgescul Ruxandra Andreea, prosecutor, PJ Suceava
  96. Radu Adrian, prosecutor , PJ Brasov
  97. Ailene Ancuta, judecator Jud. Iasi
  98. Cristi Danilet, judge, Tribunalul Cluj
  99. Iulian Bogatu, prosecutor , PJS1
  100. Vasile Andreea Florina, prosecutor, PJ Cornetu
  101. Mihai Irina Maria, prosecutor, PJ Targoviste
  102. Pațanghel Ionuț Marian, prosecutor, PJ Rm. Vâlcea
  103. Vaduva Maria Valentina, judecator Judecatoria slatina
  104. Miclescu Camelia Andreea, judge, Judecătoria Constanta
  105. Pavel Marinel Corneliu, prosecutor, PJ Slatina
  106. Negrau Andrei Sergiu, prosecutor, PJ Oradea
  107. Teodor Nicodin, prosecutor , PJ Buftea
  108. Cazacu Dan Constantin, prosecutor ,PJ Bacau
  109. Constantinescu Andreea, judge, JS1
  110. Dragusanu Ioana, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  111. Hodorca Luisa Fabiola, judge, Judecatoria Resita
  112. Flore Danina Oana, judge, Jud Timisoara
  113. Natalia Gherman, judge, Judecatoria Oradea
  114. Biculescu Lotee-Maria, judge, judecătoria Craiova
  115. Cristea Ana Liliana, prosecutor, PJS5
  116. Gheorghe Cristian, prosecutor, PJS6
  117. Butnaru Andreea, judge, Jud Galați
  118. Stancioi Daniela-Ioana, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  119. Stancu Dana Iuliana, judge, CA Pitești
  120. Stancu Costin Andrei, judge, CA Pitești
  121. Vărzaru Alexandra, prosecutor , PJ Cornetu
  122. Bogdan Munteanu, prosecutor , DNA ST Iași
  123. Cătălin Margina, prosecutor, T. Bacău
  124. Nițulescu Marie-Jeanne , judge, Judecătoria Sectorului 3
  125. Irina Popa, judge, JS1
  126. Anca Dobre, judge, Jud Pitesti
  127. Andreea Nicolai, judge, JS4
  128. Cretescu Elena, judge, JS2
  129. Ioana Andreea Popescu, judge, TB
  130. Boceanu Claudia Andreea, prosecutor ,Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Arad
  131. Iulia Casap, judge, judecatoria Oradea
  132. Tirlea Irina, judge, Judecatoria Iasi
  133. Gheorghiu Anca Loredana , prosecutor ,PJ Brasov
  134. Sprîncu Nicolae, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe lângă Tribunalul București
  135. Bradean Raluca Cristina, prosecutor ,PJ Caransebes
  136. Matias Olimpia Monica , prosecutor ,Tribunalul Timiș
  137. Dumitru Dobre , prosecutor , PJS3
  138. Dumitrache Nicusor Adrian, prosecutor, PJS 4
  139. Coca Daniel Alin, prosecutor , DNA ST Iasi
  140. Diremia Vlad, prosecutor, PJ Rosiori de Vede
  141. Iboiu Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Rosiori de Vede
  142. Sava Alexandra Teona, prosecutor ,PJ Harlau
  143. Mandache Narcis Ionut, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  144. Șurtea Aurelia Mădălina , prosecutor ,Parchetul de pe lângă Judecătoria Arad
  145. Mandache Claudia, judge, Judecatoria Iasi
  146. Vilculescu Ioana Raluca, prosecutor ,Pj Pitesti
  147. Anca Stefanescu, judge, Judecatoria Giurgiu
  148. Plesca Anișoara, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  149. Mocanu Marius, prosecutor, PJ Tulcea
  150. Blejușcă Ionuţ Doru, prosecutor, PJ Tulcea
  151. Anton Andreea Alexandra , prosecutor ,PJ Constanta
  152. Liana-Georgiana Marin, judge, Judecătoria Vălenii de Munte
  153. Iordache Valeriu, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  154. Roxana Romila, judge, Iași
  155. Bochis Angela, prosecutor, Pj Brașov
  156. Norica Nicoleta Iordache, judge, JS1
  157. Anca Codreanu, judge, TB Covasna
  158. Irimia Andreea Raluca, judge, JS3
  159. Mihaela Roxana Ioana Bădulescu, judge, JS1
  160. Sergiu Delcea, judge, Judecatoria Giurgiu
  161. Păduraru Ana – Maria, judge, Judecătoria Giurgiu
  162. Alb Codruța Violeta, judge, Tribunalul Maramures
  163. Cirneciu Liviu Cristian, prosecutor, P.J. Braila
  164. Stoian Catalina, prosecutor, PJS6
  165. Stoian Elena Daniela, judge, Judecătoria Craiova
  166. Alan Alisa, judge, Judecătoria Buzău
  167. Malina Nitica, judge, Judecatoria Timisoara
  168. Murariu Ovidiu Daniel, prosecutor, PJ Tg Mures
  169. Chivu Cosmin Constantin, judge, Judecatoria Targoviste
  170. Toduta Valentin Gheorghe, prosecutor ,PJ Oradea
  171. Adomniței Cosmin, judge, Judecătoria Carei
  172. Onea Dalidis Nicoleta Irina, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  173. Ilioiu Maria Florentina, prosecutor ,PT Prahova
  174. Stefan Dorina-Roxan, judge, judecatoria Calafat
  175. Ionut Marius Mihalascu, judge, Alexandria
  176. Enache Iulia Monica, judge, Jud. Bacau
  177. Enache Silviu Catalin, judge, Bacau
  178. Prinose Elena-Georgiana, judge, JS2
  179. Apostol Andreea, judge, Judecatoria Sectorului 3 Bucuresti
  180. Mihnea Stoicescu, judge, JS1
  181. Șerban Irina, prosecutor, P. J. Slatina
  182. Maria Adriana Bratu,judge, Curtea de Apel Bucuresti
  183. Tiberiu Augustin Bratu, prosecutor, PJS6
  184. Ursu( Chiriac) Oana Alina, prosecutor, Pj Giurgiu
  185. Anca-Anamaria Mihai, judge, Judecătoria Strehaia
  186. Camelia Panaitescu-Alegria, judge, JS1
  187. Cristina Andreea Boaje, judge, jud. Tribunalul Bucuresti
  188. Ioan Paul Chis, prosecutor, DNA
  189. Pirlog Bogdan Ciprian, prosecutor, PT Bucuresti
  190. Marcu Ionut, DIICOT, ST Centrala
  191. Gabriel Lefter, judge,Judecatoria Constanta
  192. Ionescu Florina, judge, Tribunalul Neamt
  193. Lucian Cosmin Manoloiu, judge, Judecatoria Slatina
  194. Povaliceanu Cristina, prosecutor, PT Arad
  195. Razvan Dicu, judge, Tribunalul Galati
  196. Cristina Dicu, judge, Tribunalul Galati
  197. Gulutanu Alina, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  198. Catalin Marian Bunduc, prosecutor, DIICOT
  199. Madalina Hira, prosecutor, DIICOT Constanta
  200. Elena Blidaru Mateescu, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  201. Irina Dumitru, judge, Tribunalul Specializat Mures
  202. Flavius Muresan, judge, Tribunalul Specializat Mures
  203. Liana Anisoara Cocis, judge, Tribunalul Cluj
  204. Mihai Cepes, judge, Judecatoria Timisoara
  205. Ciprian Cosnita, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  206. Mihaela Saracut, judge, Curtea de Apel Cluj
  207. Enache Valentin Florian, prosecutor, PJ Brezoi
  208. Rusu Melania Cristian, judge, Judecatoria Pitesti
  209. Rusu Adrian, judge, Judecatoria Alexandria
  210. Balulescu Andreea Rozalia, judge, Judecatoria Timisoara
  211. Zvoristeanu Ancuta, judge, Judecatoria Pitesti
  212. Vioreanu George Cristian, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  213. Mihaela Mergeane, prosecutor, PCA Constanta
  214. Alexandru Mihai, prosecutor, PICCJ
  215. Vasile Adriana Mihaela, judge, Judecatoria Constanta
  216. Marc Ionela Anca, judge, Judecatoria Cluj Napoca
  217. Iustina Jora Boerosu, judge, Judecatoria Bacau
  218. Larisa Rusu, prosecutor, PJ Botosani
  219. Paul Daniel Mogan, judge, Judecatoria Bacau
  220. Maria Filip, judge, Judecatoria Turda
  221. Claudia Bodean,judge, Curtea de Apel Constanta
  222. Baila Camelia, judge, Tribunalul Arad
  223. Gogioiu Ana Maria, judge, Tribunalul Dambovita
  224. Tudor Nicu, judge, Judecatoria Mizil
  225. Roxana Maria Calin, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  226. Ionita Irina, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  227. Stefan Dobre, judge, Judecatoria Buzau
  228. Puiulescu Constantin Cosmin, prosecutor, PT Arges
  229. Bogdan Zdrenghea, judecator Curtea de Apel Cluj
  230. Ghica Mihai Stefan, judge, Judecatoria Cluj Napoca
  231. Emanuela Dulgheru, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  232. Serena Militaru, judge, CAB
  233. Lavinia Carciumaru, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  234. Marilena Neacsu, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  235. Adrian Ghirdoveanu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  236. Marius Valcu, prosecutor, DNA
  237. Ruxandra Grecu, judge, CAB
  238. Cobiscan Alexandru, judge, JS1
  239. Andreea Madalina Popescu, judge, JS6
  240. George Marcolea, prosecutor, PJ Buzau
  241. Georgiana Copacian, judge, JS2
  242. Mihaela Durnea, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  243. Corina Maria Florea, judge, Judecatoria Oradea
  244. Vilcea Lucian George, prosecutor, PJ Medias
  245. Marius Andrei Moraru, judge, Judecatoria Iasi
  246. Trenca Ionela Violeta, prosecutor, PJ Viseu de Sus
  247. Cozgarea Bogdan, judge, Tribunalul Mures
  248. Gondor Oresia, judge, Tribunalul Maramures
  249. Angelica Neacsu, judge, Judecatoria Constanta
  250. Gabriel Neacsu, judge, Judecatoria Constanta
  251. Marieta Marin,judge, Jud. Buzau
  252. Mirela Niculescu, judge, Jud.Pitesti
  253. Valentina Liliana Petrescu, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  254. Patulea Ioana, prosecutor, PJS3
  255. Raluca Cobzaru, prosecutor, PCA Bacau
  256. Mihaela Haprian, judge, Tribunalul Satu Mare
  257. Rus Lucian Claudiu, prosecutor, DNA
  258. Ilyes Maria Magdalena, prosecutor, PJHunedoara
  259. Pavel Maria Stefania, judge, Tribunalul Maramures
  260. Totora Vlad Cosmin, prosecutor,PJ Horezu
  261. Nedelcu Giulio Costel,judge, Tribunalul galati
  262. Ruxandra Maria Pavel, judge, Jud.Cluj Napoca
  263. Penciuc Andrada Roxana, judge,jud.Deva
  264. Brindea Oana Rozalia, prosecutor, PJ TG Mures
  265. Stoian Ioan Andrei, prosecutor, PJ Reghin
  266. Ursa Paul Ionel, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  267. Maria Rimniceanu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  268. Ana Maria Carlanaru, judge, Jud. Botosani
  269. Otel Simona Maria, judge, Tribunalul Dolj, delegata la Jud. Filiasi
  270. Levai Eduard Gabriel,judge, Jud. Constanta
  271. Ivan Mihaela, judge, JS2
  272. Iuliana Crisan, prosecutor, DNA
  273. Ionescu Dana, prosecutor, PJ Sannicolau Mare
  274. Mihail Andreca, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  275. Lavinia Focsa, judge, JS1
  276. Ioana Gutu, prosecutor, PT Valcea
  277. Damaschin Ioana, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  278. Cosmin Sterea Grossu, judge, JS4
  279. Dumitru Alexandru, prosecutor, PT Ilfov
  280. Sauciuc Andrei, judge,Jud.Dorohoi
  281. Mirtha Elena Meleaca, judge, CA Craiova
  282. Bursuc Andreea Claudia, prosecutor, DIICOT
  283. Stasiuc Madalina, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  284. Timar Dana Florica, judge, Jud. Marghita
  285. Albescu Andrada, judge, Jud.Novaci
  286. Voinea Georgiana Cecilia, judecator. Jud. Ploiesti
  287. Moscu Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Vaslui
  288. Alina Mihaela Gioroceanu, judge, Tribunalul Olt
  289. Dundev Alma Maria, prosecutor,PJ Sighisoara
  290. Nicoleta Bulieris, judge, Jud.Cluj Napoca
  291. Adrian Vrabete, prosecutor, PJ Horezu
  292. Carmen Rotaru, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  293. Antonache Alexandra Ioana, judge, JS4
  294. Tarhon Diana Raluca, judge, Jud. Onesti
  295. Ruta Ana Maria, judge, Jud.Pitesti
  296. Voiculescu Madalina Amelia, prosecutor, PT Bucuresti
  297. Simona Taus, judge, Jud.Zarnesti
  298. Balaci Dorel, prosecutor, DNA
  299. Vasile Marc Emilia, prosecutor, PJ Videle
  300. Miron Constantin Ciprian, judge, Tribunalul Suceava
  301. Miron Simona Elena,judge, Jud. Botosani
  302. Bontea Cristina Augustina, prosecutor, PJ Petrosani
  303. Gabor Cristina, judge, Jud. Braila
  304. Popa Alina Diana, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  305. Virginia Zidarescu, judge, jud. Focsani
  306. Teliceanu Viorel, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  307. Georgescu Georgiana Gabriela, judge, Jud. Calarasi
  308. Lexandru Liviu Colceriu, prosecutor, PJ intorsura Buzaului
  309. Viorica Mitrica, judge, Judecatoria Aiud
  310. Adriana Elena Filimon, judge, Judecatoria Aiud
  311. Ghiata Ana Maria, judge,jud. Harlau
  312. Pintilie Silvia, judge, Tribunalul Botosani
  313. Liviu Mihai Urziceanu, judge, Judecatoria Arad
  314. Corduneanu Ana Maria, judge, Tribunalul Botosani
  315. Irinciuc (Obreja)  Andreea, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  316. Lucian Manoli, judge, Tribunalul Harghita
  317. Dohan Oana, prosecutor, PT Salaj
  318. Cosmina Chirila, judge, Jud.Cluj Napoca
  319. Creac Adrian, prosecutor, PJ Alexandria
  320. Dorina Ivascu, prosecutor, DNA
  321. Tisu Cristina, prosecutor, PJ oradea
  322. Neagu Adrian, judge, Jud. Arad
  323. Neagu Ana Maria, judge, Jud.Arad
  324. Murgoi Anda, prosecutor, PCA Alba Iulia
  325. Andreea Busulescu, judge, JS1
  326. Marius Stancu, judge, JS1
  327. Acatrinei Alexandru, judge, Gura Humorului
  328. Acatrinei Alexandra, prosecutor, PJ Gura Humorului
  329. Dumbraveanu Andreea Maria, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  330. Livia Maria Mercan, judge, Tribunalul Arges
  331. Pop Ancuta, judge, Jud. Reghin
  332. Pop Ciprian Dumitru, prosecutor, PJ Ludus
  333. Alexandru Florea, prosecutor, DIICOT
  334. Nicoleta Lucaciu, judge, Jud.Oradea
  335. Blanaru Larisa, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  336. Iuliu Natavala, prosecutor, DNA
  337. Cristina Ion, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  338. Ciocan Radu Andrei, judge, JS2
  339. Vieriu Cosmina Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Zarnesti
  340. Bene Ioan, prosecutor, PJ targu Bujor
  341. Rusanda Cojocaru, prosecutor, PJ suceava
  342. Florin Zeres, judge, Jud.Sibiu
  343. Asmarandei Andrei Iulian, prosecutor, PJ Buftea
  344. Alina Mihaela Palancanu, judge, Tribunalul Neamt
  345. Andrei Constantin Cristi, prosecutor, PJ Racari
  346. Ana Maria Nedelcu, judge, Jud.Focsani
  347. Cristina Rosu, prosecutor, PJ Giurgiu
  348. Ghita Alina Andreea, prosecutor, PJ Turda
  349. Ecaterina Ivanov, judge, jud. Braila
  350. Cristina Raluca Radu, judge, CAB
  351. Mihaela Beldie Canela, prosecutor, DNA
  352. Anca Iliescu, judge, JS3
  353. Irina Isar, prosecutor, PJS2
  354. Cristian Popa, judge, CA Craiova
  355. Ioan Fundatureanu, judge, CA Pitesti
  356. Adina Fundatureanu, judge, CA Pitesti
  357. Elena Ciulin, prosecutor, PT Bucuresti
  358. Sava Gheorghe Petru, prosecutor, DIICOT
  359. Ududec Ionel, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  360. Ududec Anca Teodora, prosecutor, PJCluj Napoca
  361. Carastoian Irina, judge, JS1
  362. Adelina Ionela Zamfir, prosecutor, PJS6
  363. Ghinea Alexandru Cosmin, prosecutor, PJ Fetesti
  364. Eliza Tentiuc, judge,Jud. Piatra Neamt
  365. Lia Sorin Marian, prosecutor, PJ Slatina
  366. Irimia Anca, prosecutor, PJ Sibiu
  367. Ioana Mic, prosecutor, PT Satu mare
  368. Radu Harja, judge, Tribunalul Bihor
  369. Patras Alexandra Maria, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  370. Florin Nita, judge, Judecatoria Buftea
  371. Chiva Cristina, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  372. Paduraru Raluca Mihaela, prosecutor, PJS4
  373. Onorfei Marius, prosecutor, PT Botosani
  374. Paiusi Carmen Madalina, judge, JS1
  375. Liposchi Nicolae, judge, Jud. Brad
  376. Cuemjiev Catalina Miruna, judge, Jud. Ploiesti
  377. Carbunaru Ionica, judge, Jud. Braila
  378. Cristina Nicoleta Bratila, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  379. Emanuel Mihoc, prosecutor, PJ Sighisoara
  380. Moaca Alina Adriana, prosecutor, PJ Buftea
  381. David Maricel, prosecutor, PJ Giurgiu
  382. Bulat Sergiu, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  383. Sorin Constantinescu, prosecutor, DNA
  384. Nicolae George, judge,Jud.Cornetu
  385. Nelu Nastasoiu, judge, Jud. Buzau
  386. Oprea Veronica, prosecutor, PJ Buzau
  387. Adriana Steliana Bidica, prosecutor, PT Valcea
  388. Simion Mihaela, judge, Tribunalul Brasov
  389. Cristina Radu, prosecutor, PT Bucuresti
  390. Apostol Georgiana, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  391. Andrei Radu Dinca, judge, Teleorman
  392. Cristina Mocioi, prosecutor, PJ Babadag
  393. Irina Poescu, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  394. Florin Traian Lazar, judge, jud. Botosani
  395. Adina Botezatu, judge, Jud. Brasov
  396. Ostafie Andrei, prosecutor, PJ Botosani
  397. Florescu Gabriela, prosecutor, PJ Buftea
  398. Cristina Ionescu Lupeanu, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  399. Razvan Tuduce, prosecutor, PJ Arad
  400. Pricope Ana Maria, prosecutor, PJS1
  401. Nedela Daniel Doru, prosecutor, PJS1
  402. Purice Ciprian Cristian, judge, Tribunalul Ialomita
  403. Vasi Ana Maria, judge, Tribunalul Buzau
  404. Constantin Irina, prosecutor, DNA
  405. Ioniti Anita, judge, JS2
  406. Corogeanu Cristian Andrei, prosecutor, PJ Tarnaveni
  407. Raducu Liliana Dorina, judge, JS5
  408. Bandol Elena, judge, Jud.Botosani
  409. Bandol Ionut Daniel, judge, Jud.Botosani
  410. Brindea Dan Eugen, prosecutor, PT Salaj
  411. Oana Zabava, judge, Jud. Sibiu
  412. Iacob Mara, judge, Jud.Constanta
  413. Raduica Adi Lucian, prosecutor, PJ Drobeta Turnu severin
  414. Manescu Claudiu Cornel, judge, Jud. Moreni
  415. Gheorghe Mihai andrei, prosecutor, PJ Pitesti
  416. Alexandra Lancranjan, prosecutor, DNA
  417. Mihai Adrian, prosecutor, PJ Chisneu Cris
  418. Ailioaie Andreea Alexandra, prosecutor, PJ Gurahont
  419. Razlog Ana Maria, judge, Jud.galati
  420. Simion Ligia, judge, Tribunalul Maramures
  421. Onofrei Oana, judge, JS1
  422. Ciobanita Cristiana, judge, Jud. Gaesti
  423. Mihaela Luciani, judge, JS3
  424. Andrei Olaru, judge, Jud. Ploiesti
  425. Dan Dumitru, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  426. Diana Toma, judge, Jud. Ploiesti
  427. Sarghi Dorina, prosecutor, PJ Roman
  428. Simion Iuliana Maria, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  429. Plic Razvan, prosecutor, PJ Chisneu cris
  430. Barbieru Ionel, judge, Judecatoria Botosani
  431. Arion Florin, prosecutor, PJ Buzau
  432. Marian Solomon, judge, JS4
  433. Savu Mihaela Iuliana, judge, Trib. Olt
  434. Nita Cosmin, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  435. Catu Codruta Romana, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  436. Carla Alexandra Anghelescu, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  437. Ana Maria Iftinca Voicu, judge, JS1
  438. Damaschin Eniko, judge, jud.Cornetu
  439. Stanta Doina, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  440. Carstea Adrian Mihai, judge, Jud. Tg Mures
  441. Daniel Vale, prosecutor, PJ Tg Mures
  442. Baron Alina Gabriela, judge, JS4
  443. Miruna Petru, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  444. Stanciulescu Bogdan, judge, JS2
  445. Reli Roxana Mitroi, judge, Jud. Craiova
  446. Ilascu Iuliana Andreea, prosecutor, PJ Suceava
  447. Lazar Aida, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  448. Pelmus Ciprian, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  449. Pelmus Atena, prosecutor, PT Timis
  450. Tira Anisoara Corina, judge, CA Timisoara
  451. Borcoman Catalin, prosecutor, DIICOT
  452. Melania Ciobanu, judge, Jud.Craiova
  453. Senciu Dan, prosecutor,DIICOT
  454. Silvia Ambrozie, judge, JS1
  455. Daniel Verives, judge, Jud.Podu Turcului
  456. Georgescu Diana, judge, jud. Corabia
  457. Chiazna Magdalena Daniela, prosecutor, PJ Drobeta Turnu Severin
  458. Oana Maria Matei, judge, JS1
  459. Iulian Nica, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  460. Dinu Rebecca Zinca, judge, Trib.Bucuresti
  461. Cristina Radu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  462. Stefan Marius Ionel, prosecutor, PT Arges
  463. Malaescu Ioana Ruxandra, judge, Trib. Gorj
  464. Ana Maria Achim, judge, Jud. Ploiesti
  465. Hincu Oana, prosecutor, PT Galati
  466. Meszaros Ioana Adina, prosecutor, PJ Satu Mare
  467. Stela Stoicescu, judge, JS2
  468. Siclitaru Diana, judge, JS2
  469. Ciocan Nicolae Mugurel, judge, Jud.Slobozia
  470. Adrian Victor Vank, judge, Jud.Braila
  471. Camelia Maria Solomon, judge, CAB
  472. Corda Liviu Tiberiu, prosecutor,PJ Zalau
  473. Roxana Iuliana Vasile, judge, JS1
  474. Stana Florentina, judge, Trib.Olt
  475. Candale Laura Camelia, judge, Jud. Bistrita
  476. Alexandra Coca, judge, JS2
  477. Andreea Vernea, judge, JS1
  478. Sorin Alexandru Vernea, judge, JS2
  479. Costantea Raveca Loredana, judge, Jud. Hunedoara
  480. Rosiu Simona, judge, Jud.Tg Mures
  481. Meszaros Robert Sebastian, prosecutor, PJ Carei
  482. Profir Mihaela, judge, Jud.Tg Jiu
  483. Lungu Lucian, judge, Jud.Botosani
  484. Neculai Maria Alina,l judge, CA Suceava
  485. Curtman Nicoleta, judge, CAB
  486. Badan Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Bals
  487. Pasc Daniela Corina, prosecutor, PJ Buftea
  488. Florescu Diana, judge, Jud. Costesti
  489. Marin Alexandru Marian, prosecutor, PJ Buftea
  490. Diana Elena Gavrila, judge, JS2
  491. Capitan Corneliu Lucian, judge, Jud. Satu Mare
  492. Petcu Gabriela, judge, Trib. Dolj
  493. Andreea Simona Suciu, judge, JS5
  494. Andreea Mihaela Bradu, judge, JS4
  495. Nae Sebastian, judge, Jud.Galati
  496. Visan Silviu, judge, CA Craiova
  497. Tira Livia Adriana, judge, Jud. Bistrita
  498. Marin Tiberiu, prosecutor, PJ Giurgiu
  499. Adrian Tirlea, prosecutor, PTB
  500. Visinescu Ionut Gabriel, judge,JS4
  501. Tartea Anca, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  502. Varjan Iuliana,judge, Jud. Tg Mures
  503. Prisacaru Nicolae, judge, jud. Pascani
  504. Matei Monica, prosecutor, PCA Oradea
  505. Ion Izabela Ana Maria, prosecutor, PJS3
  506. Tomozei Adrian, judge, Jud. Onesti
  507. Caprarin Andreea, judge, Jud. Tg Jiu
  508. Roxana Stanciu, judge, JS4
  509. Coman Claudia, judge, jud. Bolintin vale
  510. Constantin Manoliu, judge, Trib. Bihor
  511. Uce Laura, judge, Trib.Valcea
  512. Alexandru Bleoanca, judge, CA Galati
  513. Ana Maria Tranca, judge, CAB
  514. Felicia Vlad, prosecutor, DNA
  515. Ana Maria Aparaschivei, prosecutor, PCA Suceava
  516. Adrian Pacurar, judge, Trib.Bucuresti
  517. Stefana Pascaru, judge, jud. Iasi
  518. Dana Belciug, prosecutor, DNA
  519. Mariana Fagarasan, judge, Trib.Mures
  520. Paul Manciu, judge, Jud. Moinesti
  521. Gudumac Octavian, prosecutor, PJS2
  522. Dobraniste Cornel, judge,CAB
  523. Florentina Sandu, judge, Jud. Oradea
  524. Camelia Bogdan, judge, CAB
  525. Patrascu Paula, judge, JS1
  526. Andrei Adriana, judge, Tribunalul Ialomita
  527. Bocai Adina, prosecutor, PCA Iasi
  528. Todea Laurentiu Mirel, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  529. Stefanoaia Silvia Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Tarnaveni
  530. Tifachi Ionut, prosecutor, PJ Botosani
  531. Morar Timotei, judge, Jud. Zalau
  532. Razvan Pricop,judge, Jud.Constanta
  533. Arpinte Nicoleta, prosecutor, PJ Botosani
  534. Andreea Sandu, judge, JS5
  535. Monica Turcu,judge, Trib.Constanta
  536. Munteanu Adriana Natalia, prosecutor, PJ Bistrita
  537. Radoi Ionela Simona, judge, Jud. Petrosani
  538. Craciun Vlad, prosecutor, PJ Sighisoara
  539. Tiba Morar Anca, prosecutor, PJ Oradea
  540. Lupu Elena Laura, judge, JS4
  541. Ovidiu Gherasim, prosecutor, PTB
  542. Popescu Adrian,judge, Jud. Pucioasa
  543. Popescu Iulia, judge, Jud. Gaesti
  544. Georgiana Muraru, judge, Jud. Pucioasa
  545. Mosteanu Marian Eugen, prosecutor, DNA
  546. Bordianu Dragos, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  547. Mariana Apostol, judge, Trib. Vaslui
  548. Anghel Simona, prosecutor, PJ Oltenita
  549. Ciomaga Mostat Mihaela, judge, Jud.Botosani
  550. Andreea Oana Nica, prosecutor, DNA
  551. Layet Carmen, judge, Jud.Buftea
  552. Mircea Iuliana, prosecutor, PCA Constanta
  553. Chisbora Mircea Cristian, judge, jud. Bistrita
  554. Albu Andreea, prosecutor, PT Giurgiu
  555. Bodnar Alinel, judge, Jud.Satu Mare
  556. Dietrich Magdalena, judge, Trib. Timis
  557. Gabriela Voiculescu, judge, Jud. Giurgiu
  558. Ilinca Rebisoreanu, prosecutor, PJArad
  559. Sas Remus Vasile,judge, CA Suceava
  560. Diana Lasconi, judge, CA TImisoara
  561. Adrian Stoian, judge, CA Timisoara
  562. Mosteanu Mihaela Gabriela, prosecutor, PJ Resita
  563. Smaranda Stepan, judge, Tribunalul Timis
  564. Enache Simona, prosecutor, DIICOT
  565. Stirbu Madalina, prosecutor, PJ Slatina
  566. Groza Anca Maria, judge, Tribunalul Cluj
  567. Pripasu Octavia, judge, JS3
  568. Teodor Bogdan Topala, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  569. Cepoi Marian, prosecutor, PJ Nasaud
  570. Sabina Bolla, judge, JS1
  571. Mihai Negulescu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  572. Ionascu Cristina, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  573. Ionascu Catalin Olivian, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  574. Comanescu Petre Catalin, prosecutor, PJ Horezu
  575. Arseni Bogdan Constantin, judge, Jud.Roman
  576. Stefan Daniel, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  577. Alunaru Cristian Claudiu, judge, Trib. Arad
  578. Mirea Dragos Valentin, judge, Jud. Cornetu
  579. Oanes Corina Raluca, prosecutor, PJ Zalau
  580. Trif Bianca Patricia, prosecutor, PJ Resita
  581. Anda Elena Avram, judge, Jud. Satu Mare
  582. Raluca Budiana,judge, Jud. Craiova
  583. Mihai Lucian,judge, Judecatoria Ploiesti
  584. Roxana Adela Tirlea, prosecutor, PJS6
  585. Valentina Spoeala, prosecutor, DIICOT
  586. Ana Elena Hutanu, prosecutor, PJ Sibiu
  587. Anghel Alexandru Bogdan, PJ Segarcea
  588. Filip Radu, prosecutor,PJS1
  589. Cuciureanu Iulia, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  590. Stefaniu Simona, prosecutor, PT Covasna
  591. Vlad Grigorescu, prosecutor, DNA
  592. Flucus Anamaria, judge, JS2
  593. Penteleev Victor, judge, JS3
  594. Alexandra Maria Zernovean, prosecutor, PJ Sf.Gheorghe
  595. Ghiduc Irina maria, judge, jud.Falticeni
  596. Otel Daniel, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  597. Ples Bianca Catalina, judge, Jud. Satu Mare
  598. Cojoaca Traian, prosecutor, PJ Alexandria
  599. Iordan Laurentiu, prosecutor, PJ Sibiu
  600. Andrei Bodean, prosecutor, DNA
  601. Ovidiu Musta, judge, CA Oradea
  602. Caprarin Andreea, judge, jud.Tg Jiu
  603. Ocneanu Silvia,judge, jud. Craiova
  604. Ramona Gratiela Milu, judge, CA Brasov
  605. Simon Mihalea Oana, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  606. Potarnichie Madalina, judge, Jud.Brasov
  607. Ciprian Bodu, prosecutor, DNA
  608. Paul Leontica, prosecutor, DIICOT
  609. Alexandru Ciochina, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  610. Povaliceanu Claudia Cristina, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  611. Moraru Catalin, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  612. Ungureanu Daniel, prosecutor, PJ Buzau
  613. Banica Anca Maria, judge, JS2
  614. Camelia Toderica, judge, CA Iasi
  615. Calin Adrian Cristian, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  616. Andreea Roescu, judge, Jud. Dragasani
  617. Rus Lavinia, prosecutor, PJ Faget
  618. Lavinia Hutuleac, judge, Trib. Suceava
  619. Cristina Calusaru, judge, Trib. Dolj
  620. Lelia Marusciac, judge, Trib. Dolj
  621. Doicescu Roxana Elena, judge, Jud. Constanta
  622. Panaite Iulian, prosecutor, PJ Harlau
  623. Olaru Petre Dorin, judge, Trib. Gorj
  624. Adrian Chiriac, judge, CA Iasi
  625. Cristian Teodorescu, judge, Trib. Braila
  626. Anamaria Teodorescu, judge, Trib. Braila
  627. Apostol Mihaela, prosecutor, PT Iasi
  628. Peciuncu Alexandru, prosecutor, PT Iasi
  629. Alina Hodos, judge, Jud.Reghin
  630. Rodica Nitescu, prosecutor, PJS2
  631. Bardas Gelu Daniel,judecayor, Jud. Galati
  632. Mariana Ene, judecator T. Ilfov, delegata la Trib. Bucuresti
  633. Camelia Andrei, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  634. Ivancu Beatrice, judge, Trib. Timis
  635. Laura Zaharia, prosecutor, DIICOT
  636. Zar Georgiana Geanina, judge, Jud. Focsani
  637. Murarasu Stefan Petrica, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  638. Raluca Nor Bosnea, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  639. Bosnea Cristi Sorin, prosecutor, PCA Timisoara
  640. Raluca Ioana Orza, judge, Trib. Specializat Mures
  641. Ruxandra Maria Berende, prosecutor, PJ Satu Mare
  642. Ionica Marius Petrisor, prosecutor, DIICOT
  643. Lohan Iulia Maria, prosecutor, PJ Sighetu Marmatiei
  644. Diana Caterina Pasarica, judge, JS3
  645. Roxana Marculescu, judge, JS1
  646. Iancu Ioana Cristina, judge, jud. Galati
  647. Iancu Traian Laurentiu, prosecutor, PJ Galati
  648. Ungureanu Alin, prosecutor, PJ Deta
  649. Popa Marius, prosecutor, PTB
  650. Curici Seia Iasmina, prosecutor, PJ Deta
  651. Dobre Mihai Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Arad
  652. Visovan Cristina Ingrid, prosecutor, PJ Sighetu Marmatiei
  653. Ramona Jardieanu, prosecutor, DNA
  654. Roibu Violeta, judge, Jud. Giurgiu
  655. Bratu Gabriela, judge, Jud. Piatra Neamt
  656. Orza Bogdan, prosecutor, DIICOT
  657. Sasu Mihaela, prosecutor, PT Timis
  658. Carlan Nicolae Sergiu, judge, Jud. Cluj Napoca
  659. Sarmasan Radu Alina, judge, jud. Tulcea
  660. Anca Stoica, judge, JS2
  661. Bunea Catalin, judge, JS1
  662. Cristina Belecciu, judge, Tribunalul Constanta
  663. Monica Niculescu, judge,CAB
  664. Adriana Pau, prosecutor, PJS2
  665. Bogdan Orest Pacurariu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  666. Ioana Alexandra Gherasim, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  667. Narla Liviu Alexandru, judge, jud. Giurgiu
  668. Daniel Oltean. Prosecutor, DIICOT
  669. Mihai Mesaros, prosecutor, PJS2
  670. Ramona Ioana Poenaru, judge, jud. Brad
  671. Ionas Petru, judge, Jud. Lugoj
  672. Ailioaei Ramona, prosecutor, PJ Pascani
  673. Stanciu Gabriela, prosecutor, DNA
  674. Pascaru Gema Celina, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  675. Pascaru Andrei Razvan, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  676. Camelia Alina Basca, judge, Jud. Craiova
  677. Drob Ana Melinda, judge, Jud. Rosiori de Vede
  678. Mircea Alexandra Nora, prosecutor, PJ Turda
  679. Bosianu Diana Gabriela, prosecutor, PJ Harlau
  680. Bonda Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  681. Marinela Grigorie, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  682. Cristian Grigorie, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  683. Morar Adrian, judge, Jud. Reghin
  684. Ferencz Adina, judge, Jud. Tg Mures
  685. Sfica Aglaia Irina, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  686. Predescu Monica Raisa, judge, Jud. Ploiesti
  687. Iuliana Mihoc, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  688. Matei Leontin, prosecutor, PJS4
  689. Andreea Titerlea, judge, Trib. Gorj
  690. Cojocaru Alexandra Cristina, judge, Trib. Vaslui
  691. Cioban vasile Calin, prosecutor, PJ Turda
  692. Frunza Malina, prosecutor, PJ Roman
  693. Marian Calusaru, prosecutor, DNA
  694. Apostol Narcisa Georgiana, prosecutor,PJ Racari
  695. Mona Marcela Prisacaru, judge, CAB
  696. Amalia Anghel, prosecutor, PJS6
  697. Ion Florina, prosecutor, PJ Cornetu
  698. Gavrilas Raluca Andreea, judge, Jud. Galati
  699. Carnariu Miha Madalin, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  700. Uritescu Valentin, prosecutor, PJ Negresti Oas
  701. Bichis Diana, judge, Jud. Dej
  702. Claudiu Statache, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  703. Andra Dutescu, prosecutor, PJS2
  704. Grigoras Laura Sarika, judge, Judecatoria Turda
  705. Bogdan Nas, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  706. Dunca Georgeta Ramona, judge, jud.Giurgiu
  707. Matei Cristian, judge, Judecatoria Campeni
  708. Popa Doina, prosecutor, PJ Pitesti
  709. Mihaela Sfiriac, prosecutor, PT Cluj
  710. Barbuceanu catalin, prosecutor, PCA Pitesti
  711. Volintiru Alexandru Nicolae, judge, Jud. Bolintin vale
  712. Vorniciasa Cristian, judge, jud. Falticeni
  713. Nicoara Andra Laura, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  714. Andreea Elisabeta Ungurean, judge, Jud.Gherla
  715. Amuscalitei Alin, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  716. Corina Patrescu, prosecutor, PJS1
  717. Iulia Bilciu, prosecutor, DNA
  718. Mircea Adrian, prosecutor, DNA
  719. Ramona Zglimbea, judge, Trib. Dolj
  720. Oana Peltechi, prosecutor, PCAB
  721. Salajan Madalina, judge, jud. Marghita
  722. Anamaria Vida, judge, Jud.Arad
  723. Alexandra Pop, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  724. Croitoriu Catalina Genua,CA Craiova
  725. Cosmin Croitoriu, prosecutor, DNA
  726. Meszar alexandru, prosecutor,PJ Carei
  727. Simion Minodora Nicoleta, prosecutor, PJ Cornetu
  728. Benchea Vlad, prosecutor, PJ Sebes,delegat la PJ Sibiu
  729. Aisachioiei Andreea, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  730. Vali Stefania Ileana Nita, judge, CA Craiova
  731. Andreea Ghenu, prosecutor, DNA
  732. Claudia Vacaru, judge, JS3
  733. Morar Ciprian, prosecutor, DNA
  734. Mihai Stanciu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  735. Tocu Radu Catalin, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  736. Camelia Stanciu, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  737. Tantau Rodica, judge, trib. Cluj
  738. Gabriela Chiriac, prosecutor, DNA
  739. Adomnicai Delia, prosecutor, DIICOT
  740. Pogoran Oana, judge, CAB
  741. Cailean Andreea Carolina, judge, Jud. Tg Mures
  742. Denis Ghervase, judge, Trib. Dolj
  743. Zaharia Lupu Florin mircea, judge, iasi
  744. Bogdan Constantin Ion, judge, Tribunalul Arges
  745. Ghiciulescu Nicoleta, judge, Trib. Timis
  746. Ionescu Bogdan Petru nicolae, judge, Jud. Videle
  747. Rotaru Ligia, judge, JS1
  748. Valentin Panturu, prosecutor, PT Cluj
  749. Alexandru Adrian Anghel, prosecutor, PT Bucuresti
  750. Codreanu Roxana, judge, jud. Constanta
  751. Daniel Belei, prosecutor, PJ Ineu
  752. Diana Stancele, prosecutor, DNA
  753. Mitroi Cosmin, judge, jud. Alexandria
  754. Irena Trifan, judge, Trib. Teleorman
  755. Nuti Mariana Dobrin, judge, Trib. Teleorman
  756. Boja Mihaela, prosecutor, PT Teleorman
  757. Lavinia Barbu, judge, jud. Targoviste
  758. Cotovelea ionel, prosecutor, PJ Campulung
  759. Mocanu Irinel Marius, prosecutor. PJS2
  760. Remus Coman, prosecutor, PJS2
  761. Elena Iordache, prosecutor, PICCJ
  762. Daniel Chiriac,judge, Jud. Harlau
  763. Daniela Ivan, judge, JS2
  764. Tatar Emanuela Anca, prosecutor, PJ Braila
  765. Andreea Leontina Carali, judecator Jud. Tulcea
  766. Nemeth Francisc,judge, CA Constanta
  767. Alexandra Nicoleta Ghica, judge, JS1
  768. Madalina Cioara, judge, Trib. Vaslui
  769. Alexandru Nicolae Stoian, prosecutor, PJS1
  770. Busu Diana, judge, Jud.Constanta
  771. Statescu Alexandru Marian, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  772. Sendroni Mircea, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  773. Tabareanu Constantin, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  774. Bîtu Florian, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  775. Albu Nadia Adriana, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  776. Bianca Patras, judge, CAB
  777. Catalin Strimbei, prosecutor militar, DNA
  778. Alexandra Manescu, judge, JS6
  779. Marius Catalin Palaghia, judge, Judecatoria Iasi
  780. Vestemeanu Raluca, prosecutor, DIICOT
  781. Ichim Cristian, prosecutor, DIICOT
  782. Oprea Ioana Cristina, judge, JS1
  783. Popovici Monica, judge, Tribunalul Bihor
  784. Popovici Ion Adrian, prosecutor, PCA Oradea
  785. Georgescu Aniela Marinela, judge, JS4
  786. Mogosanu Elena Luiza, judge, jud. Pitesti
  787. Grigore Corina, judge, Jud. Iasi
  788. Ciopa Ani Claudia, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  789. Lucia Andreica, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  790. Mane Loredana, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  791. Loredana Elena Holmanu, judge, Jud. Onesti
  792. Ionescu Irina, judge, Jud. Galati
  793. Cozmei Daniela, judge, Judecatoria Iasi
  794. Flavius Zene, judge, Judecatoria Zalau
  795. Ramona Elena Bolla, prosecutor, PTB
  796. Vlas Delia Maria, judge, Jud. Dej
  797. Corina Paraschivescu, prosecutor, PTB
  798. Ciorsac Silviu Alexandru, judge, JS6
  799. Livia Brates, judge, Judecatoria Alexandria
  800. Florentina Ivancioiu, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  801. Gheorghe Costin Lucian, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  802. Greabu Camelia Rodica, judge, Judecatoria Reghin
  803. Ungurean Anda Claudia,judge, Judecatoria Botosani
  804. Irina Ungureanu, prosecutor, PJ Sighisoara
  805. Mihaela Toma, judge, Jud. Targoviste
  806. Buzamat Irina, judge, Jud. Braila
  807. Stegeran Roxana, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  808. Augusta Chichisan, judge, CA Cluj
  809. Arina Corsei Vultureanu, prosecutor, PJS3
  810. Crisan Daniel Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Turda
  811. Nadina Drecea, judge, JS2
  812. Matei Dima, prosecutor, PJ Gherla
  813. Mariela Dibus, judge, Tribunalul Vrancea
  814. Iulia Lavinia Munteanu, judge, Judecatoria Iasi
  815. Iana Cecilia, prosecutor, PJ Buzau
  816. Rares Petru Stan, prosecutor, DIICOT
  817. Cristina Constantinescu,judge, Trib. Constanta
  818. Delia Calin, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  819. Florin Unguras, judge, Jud. Turda
  820. Irina Damian, judge, Jud. Cluj Napoca
  821. Bosinceanu Daniel, prosecutor, PJ Raducaneni
  822. Mirza Alina Liliana, judge, Jud. Focsani
  823. Rodica Hondor, prosecutor, PTB
  824. Mihai Hondor, prosecutor, PICCJ
  825. Suciu Ruxandra, judge, JS3
  826. Cosmin Radulescu, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  827. Constantin Daniel, prosecutor, PJ Brezoi
  828. Harambas Ciprian, judge, jud. Oradea
  829. Vitu Buruiana, prosecutor, PTB
  830. Camelia Radulescu, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  831. Luiza Daiana Nicolita, judge, Jud. Craiova
  832. Androne Larisa Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Buzau
  833. Iarina Ioana Prelipceanu, judge, CA Cluj
  834. Andronache Marius Constantin, judge, Jud. Petrosani
  835. Cristian Ignat, judge, Jud. Bals
  836. Curuia Cristina Iuliana, judge, Jud. Petrosani
  837. Bradin Aurora, prosecutor, PJ Arad
  838. Sitiavu Georgiana, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  839. Dragos Paraschiv, prosecutor, PT Ilfov
  840. Ioan Sandru, prosecutor, PICCJ
  841. Ionut Calina, prosecutor, DIICOT
  842. Sendrescu Danut, judge, Tribunalul Valcea
  843. Elena alina Toma, judge, JS6
  844. Cristina Grosaru, prosecutor, PJS3
  845. Dohan Ioan Calin, prosecutor, PJ Zalau
  846. Riza Florentin, prosecutor, PT Dolj
  847. Maria Nicola, judge, Trib. Dolj
  848. Deca Iulia Andreea, judge, Jud. Sibiu
  849. Ramona Reftu, judge, Jud. Botosani
  850. Claudiu Pirlea, prosecutor, PJ Galati
  851. Andreea Lup, judge, Jud. Satu Mare
  852. Ionela Balan, prosecutor, DNA
  853. Raluca Anghel Gheorghe, prosecutor, DNA
  854. Crudu Irinel Valeriu, prosecutor, DNA
  855. Ana Maria Nicolcescu, judge, Trib. Gorj
  856. Ramona Bianca Tufan,judge, Trib. Gorj
  857. Laura Mihaela Pulbere, judge, Trib. Gorj
  858. Cristina Farcasanu, judge, Trib. Gorj
  859. Bilan Paul, judge, Jud. Iasi
  860. Valentin Teodorescu, prosecutor, PJ Campina
  861. Roman Nelu, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  862. Dana Cosareanu, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  863. Gabriel Mustata, judge, Jud. Constanta
  864. Dehenea Constantin, judge, Jud. Medgidia
  865. Adina Monica Burdan, judge, CA Timisoara
  866. Rares Ciausu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  867. Iustin Bic, prosecutor, PCA Alba Iulia
  868. Costache Andrea, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  869. Olteanu Alexandra Diana, judge, Jud. Drobeta Turnu Severin
  870. Talianu Felicia Alina, judge, Jud. Fetesti
  871. Ciuc Roznovat Roxana,prosecutor, PT Iasi
  872. Oana Ignat, judge, Tribunalul Iasi
  873. Edwina Georgiana Guiu, judge, JS1
  874. Pacuraru Mihaela, judge, Trib.Gorj
  875. Ana Maria Nica, judge, CA Timisoara
  876. Tokos Lehel, prosecutor, PJ Miercurea Ciuc
  877. Ripiceanu Andreea Olivia, judge, Judecatoria Botosani
  878. Gavris-Todinca Veronica, judge, Judecatoria Sighetu Marmatiei
  879. Lazar Anca, prosecutor, PCA Cluj
  880. Ispas Angela Bianca, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatora Saliste
  881. Manolica Maria Irina, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Bicaz
  882. Paula Georgescu, prosecutor, PJS 6 (detasat CSM)
  883. Georgescu Alexandru Bogdan, prosecutor, PTB
  884. Carnariu Bianca, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Baia Mare
  885. Criste Remus Paul, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatora Sibiu
  886. Cojocaru Anca Ioana, judge, Judecatoria Agnita
  887. Szoke Andrea, judge, Judecatoria Baia Mare
  888. Strimb Codruta, judge, Curtea de Apel Bucuresti
  889. Codreanu Alexandru, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Tribunalul Brasov
  890. Ordog Erika, judge, Judecatoria Sfantu Gheorghe
  891. Corcoveanu Iuliana, judge, Judecatoria Sectorului 5 Bucuresti
  892. Arama Mirela, judge, Tribunalul Hunedoara
  893. Oancea Catalin, judecator Curtea de Apel Bucuresti
  894. Stroescu Bobby Sorin, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Timisoara
  895. Cazac Anca, judge, Judecatoriaz Zarnesti
  896. Amuscalitei Ioana, judge, Judecatoria Cluj Napoca
  897. Pop Patricia, judge, Tribunalul Bihor
  898. Ghidiu Liliana, prosecutor, Parchetul de e langa Tribunalul Brasov
  899. Zgripcea Mihai, prosecutor, DIICOT Structura Centrala
  900. Tatar Gabriel, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Cluj Napoca
  901. Dan Roxana, judge, Judecatoria Cluj Napoca
  902. Munteanu Raluca, judge, Judecatoria Buzau
  903. Marginean Ioan Alexandru, judge, Judecatoria Alba Iulia
  904. Andrei Liliana, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Tribunalul Bucuresti
  905. Roman Mihai, judge, Judecatoria Aiud
  906. Stoica Ovidiu-Marian, judge, Judecatoria Curtea de Arges
  907. Girleanu Vlad Adrian, judge, Judecatoria Novaci
  908. Pavel Catalin, judge, Judecatoria Sector 2 Bucuresti
  909. Tabacu Ioana, judge, Judecatoria Vanju Mare
  910. Barbuceanu Catalin George, prosecutor, PCA Pitesti
  911. Cristescu Cosmin, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Pitesti
  912. Vartopeanu Madalina, judge, Judecatoria Timisoara
  913. Tudor Ionuţ Daniel, prosecutor, PJ Caransebes
  914. Aparaschivei Adrian, judge, Curtea de Apel Suceava
  915. Seulean Schwartz Cristina, judge, Judecatoria Tg. Mures
  916. Bologa Crin, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Tribunalul Salaj
  917. Dinu Mihai Adrian, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Constanta
  918. Ursu Alina Daniela, judge, Judecatoria Pascani
  919. Musuroi Ionut Marius, prosecutor, PJS 4 Bucuresti
  920. Birta Tatiana, judge, Judecatoria Craiova
  921. Botogan Claudiu, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Tribunalul Cluj
  922. Cilniceanu Andra, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Craiova
  923. Bordeianu Bianca, judge, Judecatoria Iasi
  924. Soltan Alexandru, prosecutor, DIICOT ST Ploiesti
  925. Strat Constantin, prosecutor, PJS3 3
  926. Foltea Cretu Loredana, judge, Judecatoria Moinesti
  927. Cirlanaru-China Raluca, judge, Judecatoria Gherla
  928. Bendea Florin, judge, Tribunalul Bihor
  929. Nastac Radu, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Fagaras
  930. Cimpean Ioana Maria, judge, Judecatoria Timisoara
  931. Titu Meda, prosecutor, DNA ST Cluj
  932. Pena Laura Nadia, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Curtea de Apel Bacau
  933. Ionescu Georgiana, judge, Judecatoria Petrosani
  934. Faraon Roxana, judge, Judecatoria Brasov
  935. Chirita Oana Valeria, judge, Judecatoria Sectorului 1 Bucuresti
  936. Prescornita Simona, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Tribunalul Bucuresti
  937. Jemboiu Alice, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Curtea de Apel Craiova
  938. Dobrin Elena Andreea, prosecutor, PJS2
  939. Duta Carmen, judge, Tribunalul Constanta
  940. Olteanu Dragos, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Timisoara
  941. Ene Silviu, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Sector 3 Bucuresti
  942. Bozga Marian, judge, Judecatoria Marghita
  943. Tapliuc Cristina, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Iasi
  944. Ovac Octavian Ioan, judge, Judecatoria Vaslui
  945. Ovac Daniela Mihaela, judge, Judecatoria Vaslui
  946. Postelnicescu Adrian, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Racari
  947. Unguras Corina, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Judecatoria Oradea
  948. Conortos Camelia, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Tribunalul Constanta
  949. Conortos Constantin, prosecutor, DNA ST Constanta
  950. Levente Peter Antal, judge, Judecatoria Miercurea Ciuc
  951. Marotineanu Remus, judge, Judecatoria Timisoara
  952. Bujor Francesca, judge, Tribunalul Cluj
  953. Nanu Ionela, judge, Tribunalul Gorj
  954. Nanu Marius, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe langa Tribunalul Gorj
  955. Stoian Alexandra, judge, Judecatoria Tg-Jiu
  956. Cimpean Elisa, judge, Judecatoria Tg-Jiu
  957. Mornaila Ramona, judge, Tribunalul Cluj
  958. Mornaila Florin, prosecutor, DIICOT ST Cluj
  959. Arhip Andreea, judge, Tribunalul Galati
  960. Arhip Mihai, judge, Tribunalul Galati
  961. Paduraru Dragos, prosecutor, DNA
  962. Buzoianu Mihaela Alexandra, prosecutor, PJ Calarasi
  963. Zaharia Adrian Constantin, prosecutor, PJ Suceava
  964. Ungureanu Marius Cosmin, prosecutor, PT Valcea
  965. Apostol Iulia Emilia, judge, Judecatoria Piatra Neamt
  966. Vasiu Tudor-Antoniu, prosecutor, PJ Drobeta Turnu Severin
  967. Scaletchi Constantin, prosecutor, PJ Tulcea
  968. Lica Mihaela Cristina, judge, JS3
  969. Cornescu Daniel, judge, Jud. Tg Jiu
  970. Nedelcu Nicolae, judge, Jud. Ploiesti
  971. Savu Ana, judge, JS1
  972. Silvia Iosa, judge, Trib. Alba
  973. Valina Calarasu, prosecutor, DNA
  974. Toader Daniela, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  975. Vasile Ramona Corina, judge, CA Cluj
  976. Vasile Ionut, prosecutor, DNA
  977. Ionut Militaru, judge, CAB
  978. Popa Victor Andrei, judge, Jud. Suceava
  979. Tiu Alexandra, judge, Jud. Focsani
  980. Secota Iuliana Georgiana, judge, JS6
  981. Pop Blaga Marius, prosecutor, PJ Salonta
  982. Batrinu Iuliana, prosecutor, PJ Focsani
  983. Tetean Vinteler Ada, prosecutor, PJ Gherla
  984. Monica Palaghia, prosecutor, PJ Iasi
  985. Radulescu Maria Gabriela, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  986. Bica Alexandru, judge, Jud. Segarcea
  987. Anca Patriche, prosecutor, PJS6
  988. Alexe Ramona Adriana, prosecutor, PTB
  989. Daniela Androhovici, judge, CA Suceava
  990. Iulia Gabriela Lulciuc, judge, CA Suceava
  991. Cosmin Macasoiu, prosecutor, PJ Arad
  992. Ghincea Marius, judge, Trib. Prahova
  993. Oancea Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Gherla
  994. David Dan Adrian, judge, Jud. Deva
  995. Vasilache Alina Mihaela, judge, JS 6
  996. Alexandrescu Liliana, judge, Jud. Iasi
  997. Toloarga Constantin Florin, prosecutor, PJ Gherla
  998. Bogdan Cornea, judge, Jud. Bals
  999. Alina Patru, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  1000. Cristian Dinu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1001. Bentan Vlad Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Oradea
  1002. Dan Danaila, judge, Jud. Vaslui
  1003. Liliana Gliga, prosecutor, PJ Giurgiu
  1004. Dan Obreja, prosecutor, PJ Tg. Mures
  1005. Predut Dorin, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1006. Ionescu Ruxandra Antoaneta, prosecutor, PTB
  1007. Todoran Adrian Petre,prosecutor, DIICOT
  1008. Toader Anca Maria, prosecutor, PTB
  1009. Craciun Cristina, judge, Tribunalul Timis
  1010. Chivu Anca,judge, Jud. Medgidia
  1011. Cudalb Adrian Dan, prosecutor, PJS6
  1012. Dumitrache Adina, judge, CA Brasov
  1013. Loor Vlad Alexandru, judge, Jud. Turda
  1014. Maria Mois, judge, Jud. Negresti Oas
  1015. Irina Catalina, judge, Jud. Piatra Neamt
  1016. Vasile Fitigau, judge, Tri. Bucuresti
  1017. Scorta Robert, prosecutor, PJ Petrosani
  1018. Balan Manuel, judge, Jud.Timisoara
  1019. Manuela Nita, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1020. Andreea Sima, judge, Jud. Bals, delegata la Jud. Craiova
  1021. Dana Corina, judge, Jud.Craiova
  1022. Zaharia Georgel, prosecutor, PJPascani
  1023. Cioplea Maria Augustina, DIICOT
  1024. Andrei Puianu,prosecutor, PT Suceava
  1025. Elena Timis, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1026. Gabriela Alexandroiu, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  1027. Muncioiu Cristina, judge, CA Pitesti
  1028. Petrusca Gabriela Amalia, prosecutor, PJ Buftea
  1029. Ardeleanu Cristina, judge, CAB
  1030. Lovin Daniela,prosecutor,PJS6
  1031. Catalin Mihai Vijelie, judge, Jud.Galati
  1032. Chirila Magdalena, prosecutor, PJS3
  1033. Sebastian Olteanu, judge, Curtea de Apel Ploiesti
  1034. Magdalena Hanu, judge, Tribunalul Galati
  1035. Vasile Prata, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1036. Argesanu Nicolae, prosecutor, PJ Pitesti
  1037. Tanko Emoke, judge, Jud. Piatra Neamt
  1038. Morisca Emanuela, judge, Trib. Suceava
  1039. Morisca Ciprian Mihai, prosecutor, DNA
  1040. Ioana Carstea, judge, Trib. Prahova
  1041. Varluga Ion radu, judge, Jud.Timisoara
  1042. Alina Oprea, judge, Pitesti
  1043. Elena Daniela Bogatu, judcator, CAB
  1044. Cocoveica Ioana Catalina, prosecutor, PJ Bistrita
  1045. Andrei Buliga, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  1046. Antonia Diaconu, prosecutor, PJ Pitesti
  1047. Anca Iorgu, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1048. Oancea Cristian,prosecutor, PJS6
  1049. Roxin Bogdan, prosecutor, PJS6
  1050. Alina Lefter, judge, Jud.Constanta
  1051. Daj Andreea, prosecutor, PTB
  1052. Grecescu Cristian Marius, judge, Trib. Dolj
  1053. Georgiana Vioreanu,judge, Trib.Bucuresti
  1054. Ancuta Zvoristeanu, judge, Trib.Bucuresti
  1055. Derius Laura, prosecutor, DNA
  1056. Besu Laurentiu, judge, Trib.Giurgiu
  1057. Laurentiu Streza, prosecutor, PJ Rm. Valcea
  1058. Crivat Marius, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1059. Nitescu Simona, prosecutor, PJS6
  1060. Carmen Cadea, judge, Trb. Brasov
  1061. Robert Cadea, judge, CA Brasov
  1062. Antoaneta Lotica Tilvescu, judge, Trib. Gorj
  1063. Mihaela Popescu, judge, Trib.Gorj
  1064. Loredana Manescu,judge, Jud.Tg Jiu
  1065. Gabriela Stegaroiu, judge, Jud. Tg Jiu
  1066. Lavinia Mihaela Oproiu, judge, Jud. Tg Jiu
  1067. Laura Udrea, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  1068. Rafaela Bujor Neaga, judge, JS3
  1069. Cazacu Radu, prosecutor, Parchetul Militar Bcuresti
  1070. Pop Mihai Bogdan , judge, Trib. Maramures
  1071. Chiriac Florentina, judge, Jud.Buzau
  1072. Marian Banea, prosecutor, PT Alba
  1073. Mocanu (Rapan) Maria Alexandra, judge, Jud.Ploiesti
  1074. Crina Cristina Capota, judge, Jud.Dej
  1075. Corina Maria Giurgiu, judge, Jud.Bistrita
  1076. Cristina Bartha, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1077. George Daniel Danca, prosecutor, PTMF Brasov
  1078. Gabriel Voiculescu, judge, Jud.Giurgiu
  1079. Larion Alexandra Elena, prosecutor, PJ Vaslui
  1080. Lungu Iolanda Elena, judge, Jud.Vaslui
  1081. Ioana Pasculet,judge, CA Cluj
  1082. Ioan Gaga, judge, Trib.Cluj
  1083. Nadina Spinu, prosecutor,PICCJ
  1084. Fadei Iulia,judge, Jud. Cluj Napoca
  1085. Fadei Pavel, prosecutor,PJ Cluj Napoca
  1086. Constantin Steiciuic,  prosecutor, PT Suceava
  1087. Bosanciuc Paul Cosmin, prosecutor, PJ Targoviste
  1088. Adrian Petrescu, prosecutor, PJS2
  1089. Octavia Gus,prosecutor,PT Alba
  1090. Rugina Oana Elena, judge, Jud.Oradea
  1091. Crina Muntean, judge, Trb. Bihor
  1092. Traistaru alexandra, judge, Jud. Bolintin Vale
  1093. Raluca Mirica, prosecutor, DNA
  1094. Fota Carmen Elisabeta, procurur, PJS4
  1095. Tari Vlad, judge, JS2
  1096. Iana Ovidiu, judge, Trb. Buzau
  1097. Dordea Alina, judge, Judecatoria Blaj
  1098. Isabela Zglimbea, judge, Judecatoria Craiova
  1099. Mircea Stan, judge, CA Pitesti
  1100. Cristina Baraila, judge, Trib. Specializat Arges
  1101. Ursa Gabriel, judge, Trib.Mures
  1102. Ruxandra Peter, judge, Jud. Cluj Napoca
  1103. Monica Badescu, judge, Trib.Timis
  1104. Nagy Csilla Noemi, judge, Jud. Tg Mures
  1105. Catalin Marcel Ivan, prosecutor, PCA Tg.Mures
  1106. Georgeta Ciungan, judge, Jud.Focsani
  1107. Ruxandra Codrea, judge, CA Timisoara
  1108. Carmen Miron, judge, jud.Oradea
  1109. Ana Mocanu, judge, CAB
  1110. Craciun Andreea, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1111. Balmau Sabinel Ion, prosecutor, PJ Dragasani
  1112. Lucia Laloianu, judge, CA Craiova
  1113. Marin Ana Corina, judge, Jud. Valenii de Munte
  1114. Cristina Voicu, prosecutor, DNA
  1115. Oprescu radu Stefan, prosecutor, PJ Racari
  1116. Babuta Amelia, prosecutor, PJS2
  1117. Tatu Dragos Daniel, prosecutor, PJ Buzau
  1118. Tatu Adina Octavia,prosecutor, PJ Buzau
  1119. Garbia Rebeca Silvia, judge, JS5
  1120. Madalina Chircu, judge, JS4
  1121. Delia Duros, prosecutor, PJS6
  1122. Perian Alexandra Mirela, judge,Jud. Deva
  1123. Deac Bogdana, judge, Jud. Huendin
  1124. Mihul Oana Larisa, judge, Jud.Pascani
  1125. Ancuta Pura, judge, CA Cluj
  1126. Dunca Wilhelm, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1127. Stirlea Constantin,judge, Jud.Calafat
  1128. Toma Bianca, judge, Jud. Calarasi
  1129. Andreea Corina Balutoiu, judge, JS1
  1130. Manoiu Olaru Alina Raluca, judge, jud. Petrosani
  1131. Luca Mihaela Iulia, judge, Jud. Brasov
  1132. Cosmin Pantea, prosecutor, DNA
  1133. Costache Bogdan, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1134. Daicu Mihaela, judge, JS
  1135. Abutnaritei Ionela Andreea, judge, Jud.Brasov
  1136. Traian Croitoru, prosecutor, PJ Giurgiu
  1137. Spineanu Gabriela, prosecutor, PJ Novaci
  1138. Gabi Vacaru, prosecutor, PJ Giurgiu
  1139. Andreea Alexandra Sipos, judge, Jud. Giurgiu
  1140. Cristina Chiriac, prosecutor, DNA
  1141. Daniela Lecca, judge, JS4
  1142. Paun Iulian, judge, Jud. Focsani
  1143. Radu Dusa, judge, CA Cluj
  1144. Balan Florin, prosecutor, PJS4
  1145. Grecu Laurentiu, prosecutor, PT Gorj
  1146. Anuta anisoara, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  1147. Basamac Loredana, judge, JS5
  1148. Darlea Delia Adina, judge, JS3
  1149. Nita Manoel Simona Daniela,prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  1150. Alexandra Tiliciu, judge, Jud. Petrosani
  1151. Codruta Cataranciuc, judge, Jud. Petrosani
  1152. Bogdan Mihai Dumitru, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1153. Suciu Sorana, judge, Jud.Beclean
  1154. Arion Ana Olivia, judge, Jud. Suceava
  1155. Stroe Vasile Marian, judge, Jud. Giurgiu
  1156. Serban Oana Maria, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1157. Ioan Barladeanu, prosecutor, PJS6
  1158. Linda Iulia Gadi, judge, CAB
  1159. Lazar Ana, judge, jud.Giurgiu
  1160. Craitoiu Genica, judge, Jud. Giurgiu
  1161. Madalina Raducu, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  1162. Focsa Ioana, judge, Jud. Focsani
  1163. Cristina Camelia Carpinean, judge, Jud. Dej
  1164. Dorin Parascheva, prosecutor, PJ Tulcea
  1165. Mitica Butnaru, judge, Jud. Galati
  1166. Holbocianu Elena Delia, judge, Trib. Suceava
  1167. Holbocianu Claudiu Adrian, judge, Jud. Suceava
  1168. Alexandra Manole, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  1169. Flavia Florenta, judge, CA Timisoara
  1170. Dana Rusu, judge, Jud. Gherla
  1171. Briceag Pericle, judge, Jud.Sibiu
  1172. Spiridonescu Ioana Nicoleta, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1173. Cristina Muresan, prosecutor, PJS1
  1174. Iuliana Cretu, judge, JS4
  1175. Fraiu Flaviu, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  1176. Brandus Elena Carmina, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1177. Serban Rares, judge, CA Oradea
  1178. Emilian Constantin Meiu, judecator detasat la INM
  1179. Grecu Elena, prosecutor, DNA
  1180. Grig Emilian Lupulescu, judge, JS3
  1181. Barna Alina, prosecutor,PJ Iasi
  1182. Paul Dumitru, prosecutor, DNA
  1183. Gorganeanu Cornelia Nicoleta, judge, CA Craiova
  1184. Stancescu Mihaela, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1185. Popovici Irina Felicia, prosecutor, DNA
  1186. Padeanu Catalina Petruta,judge, Jud. Slatina
  1187. Drumcea Monica, prosecutor, PT Calarasi
  1188. Ciuciur Daniel, prosecutor,PT Calarasi
  1189. Galatanu Maria, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  1190. Temeian Marius, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  1191. Varga Zoltan, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  1192. Alin Eduard Poterasu, prosecutor, DNA
  1193. Ion Anca Mihaela, judge, CA Cluj
  1194. Pojoga Valentin Adrian, judge, Jud.Satu Mare
  1195. Tanase Alina Elena, judge, Trib. Brasov
  1196. Mihai Andreea Cecilia, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1197. Vasile Emilia, prosecutor, PT Calarasi
  1198. Durac Anca, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  1199. Zotta Gabriela, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  1200. Anichitoaei Claudiu, prosecutor, PJ Dorohoi
  1201. Ioana Vernea, prosecutor, PJS2
  1202. Prepelita Andreea Raluca, prosecutor, PJS2
  1203. Majeri Adrian, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1204. Dogar Romica, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1205. Dana Titian, judecator CA Alba Iulia, detasata consilier al proc. Sef DNA
  1206. Sorina Finica, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  1207. Mihaela Bumbu, judge, Jud. Piatra Neamt
  1208. Constantina Ionescu, judge, jud. Piatra Neamt
  1209. Mircea Amza, judge, jud. Piatra Neamt
  1210. Claudia Vasiliu, judge, Trib. Neamt
  1211. Danusia Boicean, prosecutor, DNA
  1212. Alina Rasovan, prosecutor, DNA
  1213. Cornelia Soica, prosecutor, DNA
  1214. Daniel Dumitru, prosecutor, DNA
  1215. Dorel Soica, prosecutor, DNA
  1216. Salar Felix Lucian, judge, CAB
  1217. Capatina Maria Luiza, prosecutor, DNA
  1218. Negru Petronela, judge, Jud. Brasov
  1219. Sandu Irina, judge, Jud. Brasov
  1220. Orzata Maria Manuela, judge, JS1
  1221. Theodor Pavelescu, prosecutor, PT Cluj
  1222. Cojocaru George Daniel, prosecutor, DNA
  1223. Liana Boer, prosecutor, PCA Alba Iulia
  1224. Alina Popescu, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  1225. Mihai Răducu, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  1226. Sulu Marius, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  1227. Benedek Andreea, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  1228. Claudiu Sandu, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  1229. Ioana Bogdan, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  1230. Sanda Mateş, prosecutor PT Brasov
  1231. Adrian Aldea, prosecutor, PT Brasov
  1232. Camelia Tatiana Duta, judge, Trib. Ialomita
  1233. Meszaros Tiberiu, prosecutor, PJ Babadag
  1234. Radu Ionescu, prosecutor, DNA
  1235. Lucia Frunza, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1236. Geana Irina, judge, JS4
  1237. Baias Horatiu, prosecutor, DNA
  1238. Tiberiu Nicolae Onea, prosecutor, DNA
  1239. Claudia Doina Vinersar, prosecutor, DNA
  1240. Aurelian Ioan Ardelean, prosecutor, DNA
  1241. Radu Cristian Mihai, prosecutor, DNA
  1242. Gianina Oreviceanu, prosecutor, DNA
  1243. Iga Monica, judge, JS5
  1244. Marcel Sandu, prosecutor, DNA
  1245. Ramon Geanâm, prosecutor, PJ Arad
  1246. Simona Homescu, prosecutor, PJ Arad
  1247. Daniel Roman, Bradin Aurora, prosecutor, PJ Arad
  1248. Florin Popa, prosecutor, PCAB
  1249. Pricope Laura, prosecutor, PJ Roman
  1250. Cucos Ana Maria, prosecutor, PJ Roman
  1251. Talmacel Ciprian, prosecutor, PJ Roman
  1252. Varganici Dragos, prosecutor, Pj Roman
  1253. Paraschiv Diana Nicoleta, judge, JS4
  1254. Mogos Irina, prosecutor, PT Galati
  1255. Adriana Tascan, judge, Jud. Buftea
  1256. Leau Sorin, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1257. Negraia Emilia Daniela, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1258. Popescu Cristian, prosecutor, PJ Caracal
  1259. Iosifescu Magdalena, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  1260. Vintu Ana Maria, judge, Jud. Nasaud
  1261. Laura Moroiu, judge, Jud. Piatra Neamt
  1262. Beteringhe Sorin Daniel, prosecutor, PT Bihor
  1263. Valerica Anton, judge, Jud. Galati
  1264. Marian Serban, judge, Jud. Bailesti
  1265. Neagu Georgeta Claudia, judge, Jud. Braila
  1266. Parfin Eugen, judge, Jud. Lugoj
  1267. Ardeleanu Paul, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1268. Stanciu Mihai-Alexandru, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1269. Bratosin Laurentiu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1270. Dumitrescu Cornelia, prosecutor DIICOT
  1271. Tanase Carmen Ecaterina, prosecutor DIICOT
  1272. Draguselea Codruta Diana, prosecutor DIICOT
  1273. Bejan Vasile, prosecutor DIICOT
  1274. Tuca Marius Valentin, prosecutor DIICOT
  1275. Tuca Ionut Daniel, prosecutor DIICOT
  1276. Axinte Maria, prosecutor DIICOT
  1277. Baetrau Ionut, prosecutor DIICOT
  1278. Alexandru Diana, prosecutor, DNA
  1279. Popescu Gabriela Getty, prosecutor, DNA
  1280. Leu Mihaela, prosecutor, DNA
  1281. Rău Lucian, prosecutor, DNA
  1282. Navadaru Mădălin Ionut, prosecutor, DNA
  1283. Marius Mihai Ungureanu, prosecutor, PCA Alba Iulia
  1284. Dorcu Lavinia, prosecutor, PJ Corabia
  1285. Dicu Maria, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1286. Cazacu Diana, prosecutor, PJ Caracal
  1287. Anca Silinca, judge, Trib. Bihor
  1288. Șurculescu Florin, judge, Tribunalul Tulcea
  1289. Șurculescu Madalina , judge, Tribunalul Tulcea
  1290. Paun Adina, judge, Jud. Buhusi
  1291. Lucia Ghita, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1292. Deritei Daciana, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1293. Radian Kreiszer Tudor, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1294. Irimies Corina Mihaela, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1295. Sotelecan Andreea Doina, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1296. Oltean Emanuela Varvara, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1297. Andra Vasile, prosecutor. PT Constanta
  1298. Cristina Gabriela Birau, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1299. Anca Puscasu, judge, Jud. Cluj Napoca
  1300. Bucur Iuliana Mihaela, judge, Jud. Patarlagele
  1301. Bubuiug Dan Liviu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1302. Budusan Dan, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1303. Baltat Cetean Maria, prosecutor, PT Alba
  1304. Dumitru Cristian, judge, Jud. Giurgiu
  1305. Cristian Alin Traian, judge, Judecatoria Giurgiu
  1306. Mihalache Cristina, prosecutor, PJ Focsani
  1307. Cristian Florea, DIICOT
  1308. Verdes Lucian, judge, Trib. Maramures
  1309. Niculescu Doina Maria, judge, Jud. Giurgiu
  1310. Pletea Diana Elena, judge, Jud. Giurgiu
  1311. Bunea Andrei Catalin, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  1312. Bicu Ilie, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1313. Mihalache Mihaela, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1314. Corduneanu Daniel, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1315. Lemnaru Anca, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1316. Rotea Teodora Elena, prosecutor, DNA
  1317. Moraru Alina, prosecutor, DNA
  1318. Pancescu Iulian, prosecutor, DNA
  1319. Mugurel Pamfil, prosecutor, PCA Alba Iulia
  1320. Marian Andrei Irimia, prosecutor, DNA
  1321. Dominte Ciprian, prosecutor, DNA
  1322. Manole Dan, prosecutor, PJS2
  1323. Radmacher Carmen, prosecutor, PCA Pitesti
  1324. Hodorogea Oana Maria, prosecutor, PT Iasi
  1325. Dodoaca Nicolae, prosecutor, PT Alba
  1326. Marian Dorina Elena, judecator. Jud. Zalau
  1327. Grigore Cristian, prosecutor, PT Harghita
  1328. Iosifescu Răzvan, prosecutor, PT Harghita
  1329. Colceriu Sorin, prosecutor, PT Harghita
  1330. Gâlcescu Dan, prosecutor, PT Harghita
  1331. Andreia Dascalu, prosecutor, PT Prahova
  1332. Popa Ioana, prosecutor, PJ Zalau
  1333. Maga Mihaela, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1334. Cristina Elena Vlad, judge, Trib. Buzau
  1335. Paraschiv Andreea Irina, prosecutor, PJ Brezoi
  1336. Marinescu Lucian, prosecutor, PT Valcea
  1337. Husac Alina-Cezara, judge, Judecatoria Vaslui
  1338. Darie Catalina, judge, Tribunalul Vaslui
  1339. Cailean Ioan Danut, judge, Judecatoria Vaslui
  1340. Joldes Liliana, judge, Trib. Bistrita Nasaud
  1341. Cojocaru Elena, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1342. Carmen Andries, judge, Tribunalul Vaslui
  1343. Bucu Ana, judge, Tribunalul Teleorman
  1344. Vârdol Mihaela, judge, Tribunalul Teleorman
  1345. Cristea Danut, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1346. Mădălina Enache, prosecutor, PCAB
  1347. Alexandrina Deaconu, prosecutor, PCAB
  1348. Ramona Muscalu, prosecutor, PCA Brasov
  1349. Ciuche Lucian, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1350. Mihaela Tudorescu, judge, Tribunalul Gorj
  1351. Munteanu Larisa, judge, Tribunalul Ialomita
  1352. Adelina Chereches, judecător, Tribunalul Vaslui
  1353. Alexandru Lăzărescu, prosecutor, DNA
  1354. Harsan Marius, prosecutor, PT Mureș
  1355. Adascalului Dan, judecător, Judecatoria Drobeta Turnu Severin
  1356. Toader Mirel, prosecutor, Parchetul de pe lângă Judecătoria Cluj
  1357. Dragota Cristian, prosecutor, DIICOT Maramureș
  1358. Rogoz Ramona Oana, judecător, Judecătoria Sectorului 1 București
  1359. Coman Georgeta, judecător, Judecătoria Sectorului 3 București
  1360. Ciuciumiș Georgica, prosecutor, PT Brăila
  1361. Ciutac Mircea, prosecutor, PT Brăila
  1362. Gordan Sorin, prosecutor, PT Brăila
  1363. Tudose Marian, prosecutor, PT Brăila
  1364. Velea Gheorghe, prosecutor, PJ Brăila
  1365. Dedulescu Liviu Ionuț, prosecutor, PJ Brăila
  1366. Dinu Tiberiu, prosecutor, PJ Brăila
  1367. Colț Mihail, prosecutor, PJ Brăila
  1368. Marinescu Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Însurăței
  1369. Pungă Tudorel, prosecutor, PJ Însurăței
  1370. Pană Alexandra Raluca, judecător, Judecătoria Sectorului 5 București
  1371. Crîșmaru Ana- Marie, prosecutor, PCA Bacău
  1372. Lacatusiu Maria Isabela, judge, Judecatoria Alexandria
  1373. Gavrilă Bogdan Sebastian, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1374. Dinescu Adrian, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1375. Năstase Adrian, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1376. Stoica Ana-Maria, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1377. Ivan Enescu Anda Irina, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1378. Garabet Loredana, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1379. Vasile Iustin Tudor, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1380. Tirică Laura Stefana, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1381. Sârbu Brîndușa Andreea, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1382. Draica Laura Maria, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1383. Sandu Ioana, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1384. Dumitru Corina, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1385. Dari Bogdan, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1386. Joița Marius Iulian, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1387. Timofte Irina, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1388. Tatu Gabriela, judecător, Tribunalul Giurgiu
  1389. Mărgineanu Anca, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1390. Profira Cezar, prosecutor, PCA București
  1391. Armașu Marius Dan, judecător, Judecătoria Pașcani
  1392. Precup Gabriela, judecător, Judecătoria Baia Mare
  1393. Călinescu Dan Iulian, prosecutor, PJ Horezu
  1394. Marcu Mariana Adina, judecător, Judecătoria Deva
  1395. Fatu Luciana, judecător, Judecatoria Sector 1 București
  1396. Chivu Anita, judecător, Judecătoria Alexandria
  1397. Bădoi Iulian, prosecutor, DIICOT BT Teleorman
  1398. Alexa Mona Irina, prosecutor, PJ Harlau
  1399. Hulea Radu, judecător, Tribunalul Bihor
  1400. Ursu Laura, judecător, Tribunalul Bihor
  1401. Eniko Ivanovics, judecător, Judecătoria Oradea
  1402. Diana Froicu, judecător, Judecătoria Oradea
  1403. Alin Leas, judecător, Judecătoria Oradea
  1404. Ioan Timis, judecător, Judecătoria Oradea
  1405. Ioana Popa, judecător, Judecătoria Oradea
  1406. Anamaria Chichinesdi, judecător, Judecătoria Oradea
  1407. Mircea Burle, judecător, Judecătoria Oradea
  1408. Croitoru Radu Constantin, judecător, Judecătoria Fetești
  1409. Dan Adrian Dumitru, judecător, Judecătoria Fetești
  1410. Temneanu Cătălin, judecător, CA Suceava
  1411. Constantinescu Andreea, judecător, Judecătoria Sector 1 București
  1412. Dumireu Andreea, prosecutor, PJS6
  1413. Stoenescu Roxana, prosecutor, PJS4
  1414. Galcea Catalin, procuor, PJS4
  1415. Galetan Lucia Augustina, judge, Jud. Caracal
  1416. Valentin Dragomir, judge, jud. Buftea
  1417. Burlacu Adriana, judge, Jud.Buzau
  1418. Margarit Simona, judge, Jud. Buzau
  1419. Dragulescu Leontin, judge, Jud. Buzau
  1420. Popescu Laura Simina, judge, Jud. Buzau
  1421. Gradina Silviu, judge, CA Ploiesti
  1422. Habean Maria Gabriela, prosecutor, PJ Sibiu
  1423. Muntean Adrian Valentin, prosecutor, DNA
  1424. Dicu Simona, judge,Jud.Brezoi
  1425. Popescu Adriana Mihaela, prosecutor, PT Valcea
  1426. Stamate Daniela alexandra, judge, Jud.Constanta
  1427. Baculescu Oana Mihaela, judge, Jud.Satu Mare
  1428. Ruxandra Dinca, judge, Jud. Turnu Magurele
  1429. Duta Catalina Maria, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1430. Zavoianu Catalin Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Caracal
  1431. Trifu Lucian, prosecutor, PJ Caracal
  1432. Drimba ionut, prosecutor, PJ Focsani
  1433. Cristian Dobre, prosecutor, PJS4
  1434. Gavrila George Virgil, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1435. Serban Viorel, procuro, PJS2
  1436. Alexandra Magdas, judge, JS5
  1437. Ghilan Irina Brandusa, prosecutor, PJ Moinesti
  1438. Florin Popa, judge, jud. Oradea
  1439. Maria verdes, judge, jud. Oradea
  1440. Ovidiu Ciuma, judge, Jud. Oradea
  1441. April Crisan, judge, jud. Oradea
  1442. Maria Pascu, judge, Jud. Oradea
  1443. Marusca Bogdana, judge,Trib. Brasov
  1444. Ghimici Anca, prosecutor, PTB
  1445. Ureche Darius, prosecutor, PTB
  1446. Tiba Octavian, prosecutor, PTB
  1447. Opraiuc Virginia, judge, Trib. Prahova
  1448. Mihai Monica Mihaela, judge, jud. Galati
  1449. Mihai Valentin, prosecutor, DIICOT – Structura Centrala
  1450. Moraru Cristina, prosecutor, DIICOT – Structura Centrala
  1451. Fleckhammer Robert, prosecutor, DIICOT – Structura Centrala
  1452. Tentiuc Catalin, prosecutor, DIICOT – BT Neamt
  1453. Onea Lucian Gabriel, prosecutor, DNA – ST Ploiesti
  1454. Deaconu Giluela, prosecutor, DNA – ST Ploiesti
  1455. Raileanu Cerasela Elena, prosecutor, DNA – ST Ploiesti
  1456. Bucica Laura Mioara, prosecutor, DNA – ST Ploiesti
  1457. Sultana Marius Florin, prosecutor, DNA – ST Ploiesti
  1458. Savu Alfred Virgiliu, prosecutor, DNA – ST Ploiesti
  1459. Cimpean Ioana Elena, prosecutor, PJ Sector 2
  1460. Lazea Corina, prosecutor, PT Cluj
  1461. Enache Roxana Mihaela, judge, JS1
  1462. Alecu Delia Roxana, judge, JS 1
  1463. Anton Carla Claudia, judge, JS 1
  1464. Hubert Ioana, judge, JS 1
  1465. Pitulac Mihaela, judge,Tribunalul Bucuresti
  1466. Bratu Monica Nicoleta, judge, T Bucuresti
  1467. Modoran Laurentiu, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  1468. Popescu Mihaela, judge, Jud. Gaesti
  1469. Sarca Delea Georgiana, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1470. Antaloae Ovidiu, judge, Jud. Oltenita
  1471. Marginean Peczi Anamaria, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1472. Ioana Liliana Ramirez Molina, judge, Trib Cluj
  1473. Stanciu Gabi Daniela, prosecutor, PJ Braila
  1474. Tofan Florinela, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1475. Cotelnic Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Buftea
  1476. Perianu Raluca, judge, JS 1
  1477. Filionescu Robert, judge, Jud. Costesti
  1478. Grigore Cristina, judge, Jud. Costesti
  1479. Dobrescu Flaviu, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1480. Renyi Erika, prosecutor, PT Cluj Napoca
  1481. Gheorghe Dragos, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1482. Denisa Bic, judge, Trib. Bihor
  1483. Grigore Delia Cristina, judge, JS 5
  1484. Neagos Sorina, judge, CA Alba Iulia
  1485. Lavinia Tomuletiu, prosecutor, PJ Deva
  1486. Corina Voicu, judge, CA Pitesti
  1487. Vasile Eugenia Stefania, judge, Jud. Motru
  1488. Guluta Cristian Romica, judge, Judecatoria Sighetu Marmatiei
  1489. Florin Pantiru, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1490. Delia Boicu, judge, Trib. Vrancea
  1491. Paun Violeta, prosecutor, PCA Constanta
  1492. Subtirelu Laura, Prosecutor, PCA Constanta
  1493. Nita Teodor, prosecutor, PCA Constanta
  1494. Sisman Beatrice, prosecutor, PCA Constanta
  1495. Stoica Bogdan, prosecutor, PJ Dragasani
  1496. Ioana Maier, prosecutor, PCA Tg Mures
  1497. Curcă Elena, prosecutor, PCA Tg Mures
  1498. Rita Niculae, prosecutor, PCA Tg Mures
  1499. Gliga Rodica, prosecutor, PCA Tg Mures
  1500. Cecălăcean Manuela, prosecutor, PCA Tg Mures
  1501. Mircea Emil, prosecutor, PCA Tg Mures
  1502. Dull Zoltan, prosecutor, PCA Tg Mures
  1503. Iordan Valentin, prosecutor, PT Iasi
  1504. Suto Kinga, prosecutor, PJ Odorheiu Secuiesc
  1505. Ivănescu Georgică, prosecutor, PJ Odorheiu Secuiesc
  1506. Papuc Mădălina Diana, prosecutor, PJ Odorheiu Secuiesc
  1507. Dezso-Dora Magit, prosecutor, PJ Gheorgheni
  1508. Fabian Orsolya Kinga, prosecutor, PT Harghita
  1509. Ciulei Raluca Andreea, judge, JS4
  1510. Filimon Marcela, judge, CA Oradea
  1511. Filimon Florin, judge, Curtea de Apel Oradea
  1512. Mihai Dorin Birotc, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1513. Manciu Ovidiu Danut, judge, Jud. Buzau
  1514. Mihai laura Adina, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1515. Wechter Mircea Radu, prosecutor, PJ Targu Mures
  1516. Spuma Oana Amalia, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1517. Lazea Dorel Ioan, judge, Jud. Petrosani
  1518. Cristea Valentin Nicusor, prosecutor, PJ Oltenița
  1519. Constantinescu Dan, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1520. Zainea Cristinel, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1521. Diamandescu Ioana Simona, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1522. Timis Elena, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1523. Iordache Laura Nicoleta, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1524. Muntianu Bogdan Octavian, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1525. Romas Marius, prosecutor, PJ Constanta
  1526. Pop Stefan Roxana Maria, prosecutor, PJ Tg mures
  1527. Doina Defta, judge, Jud. Caracal
  1528. Stefaniu Bogdan, prosecutor, PT Covasna
  1529. Horsia Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Cluj Napoca
  1530. Cristian Vlad, judge, JS2
  1531. Liviu Mustata, prosecutor, PJ Drobeta Turnu Severin
  1532. Aura Maria Bonchis, judge, Judecătoria Gurahonț
  1533. Apostu Ioan Bogdan, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  1534. Man Ciprian Florentin, prosecutor, DNA
  1535. Luca Cristian Nicolae, judge, Jud. Iasi
  1536. Ulianov Angelica, judge, Trib. Constanta
  1537. Borda Lucia Elena, prosecutor, PJ Reghin
  1538. Damian Dan, prosecutor, PJ Reghin
  1539. Donici Viorel, prosecutor, PJ Reghin
  1540. Gherasim Ciprian, prosecutor, PJ Reghin
  1541. Goia Gheorghe, prosecutor, PJ Reghin
  1542. Cazaceanu Ciprian, prosecutor, PJS1
  1543. Mihaela Mihai Popa, prosecutor, DNA
  1544. Atomei Adriana, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  1545. Lupes Cătălina Andreea , prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  1546. Stangaciu Horatiu Constantin, prosecutor, PJ Bacau
  1547. Dragulescu Marian, prosecutor, DNA
  1548. Istrate Manuela, judge, Jud. Targoviste
  1549. Popa Adriana, judge, Judecatoria Targoviste
  1550. Lucia Sotangeanu, judge, Jud. Targoviste
  1551. Pavel Vasile, prosecutor, PCA Bacau
  1552. Humulescu Manuel, prosecutor, PCA Bacau
  1553. Grigore Mihaela, prosecutor, PCA Bacau
  1554. Angelica Paraschivescu, prosecutor, DNA
  1555. Ursulescu Cristian, prosecutor, PCA Bacau
  1556. Borjog Eduard, prosecutor, PTB
  1557. Popescu Andrei, prosecutor, PT Alba
  1558. Diaconu Corina Mihaela, prosecutor, PJS3
  1559. Iorga Mihai Cristian, prosecutor, PJ Ploiesti
  1560. Eduard Stefan Jilavu, prosecutor, PJ Pascani
  1561. Florea Mirela, judge, Jud. Turnu Magurele
  1562. Iacob Victorina, judge, Judecătoria Turnu Măgurele
  1563. Lavinia Bossenmayer, judge, JS6
  1564. Bogdan Andrei Preda, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1565. Antache Ioan Valentin, judge, jud. Slobozia
  1566. Zaharciuc Oana Monica, judge, Judecătoria Alexandria
  1567. Murariu Adrian, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1568. Cristina Scarlat, prosecutor, DNA
  1569. Eugen Stănculescu, prosecutor, DNA
  1570. Robert Nicolicescu, prosecutor, DNA
  1571. Iacob Alexandra, judge, JS6
  1572. Danciu Monica, prosecutor, DNA
  1573. George Matei, judge, CAB
  1574. Sapariuc Irinel, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1575. Kozma-Bartok Szende, prosecutor, PJ Cluj-Napoca
  1576. Fitigau Oana Lavinia, judge, CA Alba Iulia
  1577. Adriana Macarie, judecător, JS2
  1578. Oana Elena Pelin, judecător, CAB
  1579. Cristurean Ciprian Gabriel, judge, Jud. Iasi
  1580. Axinte Constantin, judge, Turda
  1581. Șalar Alexandru Iulian, judge, jud. Vatra Dornei
  1582. Bulai Adrian, judge, Jud. Pascani
  1583. Stavarache Andreia Irina, judge, Jus. Pascani
  1584. Scutea Gabriela, prosecutor, PCA Braşov
  1585. Nica Alina, judge, Judecătoria Braşov
  1586. Carmen Simona Noja, judge, Trib.Cluj
  1587. Chiper Liliana, prosecutor, PT Covasna
  1588. Sătârbaşa Florin, prosecutor, PT Covasna
  1589. Burga Florin, prosecutor, PJ Sfântul Gheorghe
  1590. Brandiu Claudia, prosecutor, PJ Sfântul Gheorghe
  1591. Pecheanu Ioana Laura, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1592. Trion Marius Valentin, prosecutor, PCA Timisoara
  1593. Ghimiș Adrian, prosecutor, PCA Timisoara
  1594. Cristea Flavius, prosecutor, PCA Timisoara
  1595. Costin Marius Mirel, judge, Trib. Ialomita
  1596. Radoi Nicoleta, judge, Jud. Gurahont
  1597. Alexandra Visan, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1598. Ciprian Coadaă, judge, CA Constanta
  1599. Clara Maria Popescu, judge, JS4
  1600. Avieritei Veronica, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1601. Popa Maria Corina, prosecutor, PJS3
  1602. Tanasoiu Oana Maria, prosecutor, PJS3
  1603. Aldea George, prosecutor, PJS3
  1604. Monika Kegyes, judge, Tribunalul Bihor
  1605. Lazar George Alexandru, judge, JS4
  1606. Iutis Ana Maria, judge, JS1
  1607. Paduraru Dana Petrina, judge, JS1
  1608. Radu Bianca Elena, judge, JS1
  1609. Panciuc Anca Clara, prosecutor, PJ Radauti
  1610. Asiminei Alexandru, judge, Trib. Suceava
  1611. Grigore-Iacobici Gill-Julien, prosecutor, PT COnstanta
  1612. Belu Laura, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1613. Mihăilescu Raluca Elena, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1614. Mihăilescu Cătălin Cristian, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1615. Dicianu Nicolae Dorel, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1616. Lăzureanu Graţiela Venera, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1617. Vasilescu Alina Livia, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1618. Bordeianu Corneliu Cristian, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1619. Stoicescu Manuela Camelia, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1620. Spiţă Mădălina, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1621. Chirilă Ionuţ Marius, prosecutor, PT Constanta
  1622. Bărbuţi Adela Ileana, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  1623. Babii Vasile, judge, Trib. Vaslui
  1624. Oana Radu Nicolae, judge, Trib Vaslui
  1625. Rotaru Doriana, prosecutor, PT Gorj, delegata prim prosecutor la PJ Brad
  1626. Minaev Iulian, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1627. Pârleţeanu Anca-Ramona, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1628. Grădinariu Cristina-Mihaela, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1629. Doroiman Camelia, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1630. Diaconu Rebeca, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1631. Bădiţă Lelia, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1632. Ilie Constanţa, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1633. Barac Iulia, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1634. Sîrghe Anca-Alexandra, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1635. Ana Maria Scridon, judge, Jud. Satu Mare
  1636. Stroe Mirela Cristina, prosecutor, PJ Dragasani
  1637. Toșu Zoltan Eugen, prosecutor, PJ Dragasani
  1638. Marin Cosmin, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1639. Crânguş Dan. Judge, Jud. Craiova
  1640. Marcu Virginia, prosecutor, PJ Sighisoara
  1641. Tocu Maria Magdalena, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1642. Bratulea Daniela, prosecutor, PJ Rm. Sarat
  1643. Dinulescu Gabriela, prosecutor, PJ Rm.Sarat
  1644. Gradina Laura Valentina, prosecutor, PT Tulcea
  1645. Florin Beniamin Chichinesdi, judge, Judecatoria Beius
  1646. Craciun Elena Lavinia, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1647. Constantin Laloianu, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  1648. Halip Alexandra, judge, Jud. Iasi
  1649. Lungu Ramona, prosecutor, PT Arad
  1650. Alexe Marian Cristian, judge, JS1
  1651. Ivanciuc Sorin Vasile, judge, JS1
  1652. Grosu Dana Ionela, judge, JS5
  1653. Florin George Dumitrescu, prosecutor, DNA
  1654. Cernat Doinita, judge, Tribunalul Teleorman
  1655. Leanca Cosmin, judge, Jud. Slobozia
  1656. Diana deculescu, judge, Jud. Constanta
  1657. Siea Victor Cristian, prosecutor, PJ Curtea de Arges
  1658. Popescu Florin, prosecutor militar DNA
  1659. Cozma Tiberiu, prosecutor militar, DNA
  1660. Ana Maria Nedelcu, prosecutor, DNA
  1661. Manole Ana Maria, judecator. JS3
  1662. Soare andrei, judge, Jud. Drobeta Turnu Severin
  1663. Sirghi Ruxandra, judge, JS6
  1664. Flucus Marius, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  1665. Popa Octavian, judge, Jud.Slobozia
  1666. Adrian Finica, judge, CA Bacau
  1667. Mocanu Dragos Mihai, judge, JS4
  1668. Feurdan Ramona Marina, judge, JS4
  1669. Surduleac Valeria Maria, judge, JS4
  1670. Martin Andreia Nicoleta, judge, JS4
  1671. Oana Stoenescu , judge, JS2
  1672. Ovidiu Stefan Scarlatescu, judge, Jud, Faget
  1673. Umbres Alexandru, judge, JS3
  1674. Popa Livia, judge, JS3
  1675. Geanta Mihai, judge, JS3
  1676. Butaliu Tiberiu, judge, Jud.Buftea
  1677. Popa Stefan, judge, Trib. Iasi
  1678. Dobre Corina Teodora, judge, Jud. Tg Carbunesti
  1679. Pacurariu Veronica Constanta, judge, CA Galati
  1680. Andreia Ciurea, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1681. Tomescu George, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1682. Iuliana Velniciuc Ciuparca, judge, Jud. Cluj Napoca
  1683. Ionela Florea, prosecutor,DIICOT
  1684. Ana Maria Lucia Zaharia, judge, CAB
  1685. Cezar Tulita, prosecutor, PJ Rm.Valcea
  1686. Morar Ciprian, prosecutor, PJ Oradea
  1687. Azamfirei Daniela, prosecutor, PJ Galati
  1688. Teodora Gheorghe Sorescu,judge, CA Pitesti
  1689. Petrescu Teodora, prosecutor, PCA Constanta
  1690. Tisu Cristina, prosecutor, PJ Oradea
  1691. Dobocan Doru, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1692. Negulescu raluca, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1693. Luca Ramona Cristina, prosecutor, PT Iasi
  1694. Horodniceanu Diaba, prosecutor, PT Iasi
  1695. Gambuta Ionela, prosecutor, PT Iasi
  1696. Chicos Nicoleta, prosecutor, PT Iasi
  1697. Paltineanu Maria, judge, Jud. Sibiu
  1698. Cadea Stelian, judge, CA Craiova
  1699. Mihaela Zuleanu, judge, CA Craiova
  1700. Dasca Adrian Nicolae, prosecutor, PJ iasi
  1701. Cruceru Cătălina, judge, JS2
  1702. Ciorgoda Florian, judge, JS2
  1703. Rizescu Florina, judge, JS2
  1704. Uncheselu Alina Marcela, judge, JS2
  1705. David Geanina, judge, Trib. Hunedoara
  1706. Trifan Andreea, judge, CA Iasi
  1707. Pițurcă Antoaneta Maria, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  1708. Vancea Alexandru Petrică, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  1709. Burcă Mihaela Florentina, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  1710. Calin Sorin, prosecutor, PCA Iasi
  1711. Loredana Macrea, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  1712. Balan Lidia, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1713. Corina Popescu, prosecutor, PJ Dragasani
  1714. Tincu Diana, judge, Jud. Botosani
  1715. Liciu Ioana Hermina, judge, Jud. Dragasani
  1716. Deloreanu Laurentiu, judge, Jud. Oltenita
  1717. Alexandru Ionel, judge, Jud. Oltenita
  1718. Grecu Ciprian Octavian, judge, Jud. Oltenita
  1719. Adriana Soporan, judge, Jud. Satu Mare
  1720. Murariu Aura Florentina, judge, Tribunalul Suceava
  1721. Veres Roxana Mihaela, judge, CA Cluj
  1722. Florin Daniel Casuneanu, prosecutor, PCA Iasi
  1723. Grejdeanu Aurelia, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1724. Ristea Ramona, judge, Tribunalul Timis
  1725. Chiriazi Livia Georgeta, judge, Tribualul Bucuresti
  1726. Chiriazi Sorin, prosecutor, PICCJ
  1727. Corina Dragoi, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1728. Ciuca Tatiana, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1729. Dinu Gigi, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1730. Putere Leontina, judge, Jud. Craiova
  1731. Olivera Mustata, prosecutor, PTB
  1732. Grecu Florina, prosecutor, PJ Rosiori de Vede
  1733. Paraschiv Valentin Silviu, prosecutor, PJ Rosiori de Vede
  1734. Arabelea Fanel Gabriel, judge, Tribunalul Olt
  1735. Cimpoeru Natalia, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1736. Croitoru Marcela, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1737. Militaru Dalida, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1738. Rogoveanu Emilia, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1739. Burcă Ion Daniel, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1740. Bădan Adelina, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1741. Vîlcu Dragoș, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1742. Drăghiceanu Florentina, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1743. Barbu Daniela, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1744. Cristea Flavius, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1745. Baciu Paula, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1746. Pantelimon Amina Speranța, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1747. Dicanu Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Craiova
  1748. Edu Ana Maria, prosecutor, PCA Cluj
  1749. Teoc Oana, prosecutor, PCA Cluj
  1750. Dobrescu Sebastian, prosecutor, PCA Cluj
  1751. Domnariu Adrian, prosecutor, PCA Cluj
  1752. Pasca Radu Mihai, prosecutor, PCA Cluj
  1753. Cristache Irina, judge, Jud. Targoviste
  1754. Lixandroiu Elena, judge, Judecatoria Targoviste
  1755. Răşcanu Cristina, prosecutor, PT Cluj
  1756. Leordean Rica, prosecutor, PT Cluj
  1757. Grădinariu Romana, prosecutor, PT Cluj
  1758. Măciuca Prodan Dorina, prosecutor, PT Cluj
  1759. Iana Mihaela Georgescu, prosecutor, PJS5
  1760. Carmen Voinescu, judge, CAB
  1761. Ciprian Boerescu, judge, JS2
  1762. Serban Daniel Mihai, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  1763. Mihai Gabriel Duta, judge, Judecatoria Rosiori de Vede
  1764. Braila Georgel, prosecutor, PJ Moinesti
  1765. Dospinescu Denisa Minodora, prosecutor, PJ Moinesti
  1766. Galbeaza Daniel Constantin, prosecutor, PJ Moinesti
  1767. Diana Cristea, judge, Jud. Turda
  1768. Corina Corovei, judge, Jud. Turda
  1769. Teluta Pantelimon, judge, Jud. Turda
  1770. Cristina Pop, judge, Jud. Turda
  1771. Adriana Puscasu, judge, Jud. Turda
  1772. Dumitru Cheaga, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1773. Pirvu Camelia, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1774. Dumbrava Ana, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1775. Gradinaru Maria, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1776. Voicescu Filofteia, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1777. Vaida Ion, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1778. Cristea Ionut, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1779. Cojocaru Andra, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1780. Sincu Paula, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1781. Apostol Gabriela, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1782. Boieru Lucian, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1783. Tabacu Ionut, judge, Jud. Pitesti
  1784. Roxana Cojocaru, judge, Jud. Pascani
  1785. Felix Cristian Nica, judge, Jud. Timisoara
  1786. Radu Popa, prosecutor, PJ Filiasi
  1787. Marius Efrim, prosecutor, PJ Filiasi
  1788. Munteanu Adina Dumitrita, judge, Judecatoria Piatra Neamț
  1789. Emilia Stefan, judge, Jud. Galati
  1790. Ivanescu petrisor, prosecutor, PT Dolj
  1791. Oana Apetri, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  1792. Stan Amalia Veronica, judge, Jud. Târgoviște
  1793. Stoian Ionuț Alexandru, judecator Trib. Dâmbovița
  1794. Carmen Răduica, prosecutor, PT Dolj
  1795. Alex Toroiman, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1796. Puscasu Voicu, judge, Jud. Deva
  1797. Puscasu Florina, judge, Jud. Faget
  1798. Topalea Kalinca, judge, CA Suceava
  1799. Apostol Iordachioaia Ionut, judge, CA Suceava
  1800. Nastasi Dorina, judge, CA Suceava
  1801. Anca Elena Anuta, prosecutor, PT Olt
  1802. Dretcanu Ancuta, prosecutor, PJ Botosani
  1803. Ionuţ Sipeţan, judge, Jud. Timişoara
  1804. Adela Sipetan¸ judge, Jud. Timişoara
  1805. Margan Marcela, judge, Jud. Timişoara
  1806. Alexandrina Amalia Marin, judge, Curtea de Apel Cluj
  1807. Ion Alexandra, judge, Tribunalul Prahova
  1808. Duica Anca Simona, judge, Tribunalul Prahova
  1809. Burlacu Nicoleta, judge, Jud. Timisoara
  1810. Marius Lupea, judge, Tribunalul Cluj
  1811. Ciocanta Cristinel Valentin, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  1812. Herciu Gheorghe, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  1813. Borș Cristian, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  1814. Perju Iuliana, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  1815. Elvis Florea, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  1816. Greta Rodica Chiurtu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1817. Verginica Stănilă Dan, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  1818. Birjovanu Monica Mihaela, prosecutor, PT Bacau
  1819. Răducu Mirela, judge, Tribunalul Teleorman
  1820. Ceica Liviu, judge, Judecatoria Botosani
  1821. Roxana Sterie, prosecutor, PJS4
  1822. Codina Oana, judge, Tribunalul Vaslui
  1823. Lates Maria – Ecaterina, judecator la Judecatoria Fetesti
  1824. Nica Adrian, judge, Jud. Fetesti
  1825. Beatrice Malimarcovici Ivona Piess, judge, Judecătoria Deva
  1826. Adina Lucuța, judge, Judecatoria Sibiu
  1827. Ioana Ciobanescu, judge, Jud. Turda
  1828. Sabina Cotoara, judge, Jud. Turda
  1829. Benegui Alexandra, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1830. Rusu Cătălin, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1831. Dumitru Claudia, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1832. Velican Daniela, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1833. Velican Adrian, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1834. Balan Laurenţiu, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1835. Kovacs Simona, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1836. Codreanu Melinda, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1837. Andrei Camelia, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1838. Munteanu Cosmin, judge, Trib. Covasna
  1839. Simona Visoiu, judge, Trib. Bucureşti
  1840. Aurelia Enache, prosecutor, DNA
  1841. Puie Ciprian Horia, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1842. Bogdan Ioan Gheorghe, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1843. Creivean Nicolae Lucian, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1844. Vidrean Daciana Bianca, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1845. Telescu Iuliana-Gabriela, judge, Judecătoria Vatra Dornei
  1846. Stoiculescu natalia, judge, Tribunalul Dolj
  1847. Bulgaru Lavinia Magdalena, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  1848. Cozilec Alexandru, judge, Jud. Lugoj
  1849. Cordos Camelia Rozalia, judge, Jud. Lugoj
  1850. Alina Gaje, judge, JS2
  1851. Simona Stefania Matei, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1852. Andrei Aristide Ştefan, prosecutor, PT Olt
  1853. Benegui Bogdan, judge, Tribunalul Brasov
  1854. Paula Jaga, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1855. Creola Neagu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1856. Lumineanu Marius Alexandru, judge, Judecătoria Rm. Vâlcea
  1857. Fieroiu Alexandru Octavian, judge, Judecătoria Rm. Vâlcea
  1858. Samoilă Octavian, judge, Judecătoria Rm. Vâlcea
  1859. Olariu Diana, judge, Judecătoria Rm. Vâlcea
  1860. Dumitrescu Mirela Valentina, judge, Judecătoria Rm. Vâlcea
  1861. Dinu Camelia, judge, Judecătoria Rm. Vâlcea
  1862. Popa Cristiana Mirela, judge, Tribunalul Vâlcea
  1863. Monica Rodica, judge, CA Cluj
  1864. Rodica Jercan, prosecutor, PICCJ
  1865. Ovidiu Nistor, prosecutor, PICCJ
  1866. Unghianu Mihaela Georgiana, judge, JS1
  1867. Pop Rodica, judge, JS1
  1868. Farcas-Hingan Georgiana-Rodica, judecător Tribunalul Cluj
  1869. Bărbulescu Codruţ Marian, judge, Judecătoria Sfântu Gheorghe
  1870. Bartha Kinga Agota, judge, Judecătoria Sfântu Gheorghe
  1871. Gîtă Ana Maria, judge, Judecătoria Sfântu Gheorghe
  1872. Dancă Ecaterina Oana, judge, Judecătoria Sfântu Gheorghe
  1873. Moldoveanu Oana Meda, judge, Judecătoria Sfântu Gheorghe
  1874. Chiriac Radu-Ionut, judge, Judecatoria Galati
  1875. Paul Mircea, judge, Tribunalul Mures
  1876. Georgiu Ioan, judge, Judecătoria Gherla
  1877. Georgiana Muraru, judge, Judecatoria Pucioasa
  1878. Carmen-Cătălina Gliga, prosecutor, PÎCCJ
  1879. Roxana Sorandaru, judge, Trib. Timis
  1880. Ladan Ioan, prosecutor, PJ Onesti
  1881. Mihaela Surdoiu, judge, Tribunalul Gorj
  1882. Trache Nicolae, judge, Trib Prahova
  1883. Csaba Bela Nasz, judge, Judecatoria Sannicolau Mare
  1884. Elena Popescu, judecator. Jud. Tg Jiu
  1885. Alina Mihaela Retezanu, judge, Judecătoria Tg – Jiu
  1886. Irina Bondoc, judge, CA Constanta
  1887. Costea Monica, judge, CA Constanta
  1888. Mart Mihaela, judge, Jud. Iasi
  1889. Shannack Teodora, judge, Jud. Iasi
  1890. Savu Alina Felicia, judge, Jud. Iasi
  1891. Voican Andreea-Silvia, judge, Curtea de Apel Bucuresti
  1892. Nicolae Mirel-Augustin, judge, Tribunalul Dambovita
  1893. Liviu Gheorghe Zidaru, judge, Curtea de Apel Bucuresti
  1894. Cimpoeru Daniela, judge, Jud.Panciu
  1895. Oana Stroiu, judge, CA Brasov
  1896. Ruginosu Mihaela, prosecutor, PT Sibiu
  1897. Giol Monica Florentina, judge, Jud.Macin
  1898. Mihaela Kolaritz-Petrescu, judge, Curtea de Apel Galati
  1899. Violeta Szabo, prosecutor, PT Dambovita
  1900. Carla Buta, judge, Jud. Pascani
  1901. Codruta Rusu, judge, TribunlulMures
  1902. Isepciuc Elena Raluca, judge, Trib. Iasi
  1903. Dan Lixandru,judge, Jud. Slatina
  1904. Necula RaduMihai, judge, Tribunalul Prahova
  1905. Necula Carmen Andreea, judge, CAB
  1906. Monica Trache, judge, Trib.Prahova
  1907. Scarlat Comanescu, judge, Curtea de Apel Piteşti
  1908. Cristian Constantinescu, judge, Tribunalul Prahova
  1909. Elena Popescu, judge, Curtea de Apel Pitesti
  1910. Cristina Timofte, judge, CA Suceava
  1911. George Nicolae Ionescu, judge, Tribunalul Arges
  1912. Leontina Popescu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1913. Delia Popară, prosecutor, PT Dolj
  1914. Ana Bogdan, judge, Tribunalul Sibiu
  1915. Gabriel Florariu, judge, CA Suceava
  1916. Buse Ionel, prosecutor, PJ Rm Valcea
  1917. Flavius Motu, judge, Tribunalul Specializat Cluj
  1918. Rosu Elena, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  1919. Teodor Ianculescu, prosecutor, PJ Sibiu
  1920. Denisa Troaca, prosecutor, PCA Craiova
  1921. Neacsu Diana, prosecutor, PJ Urziceni
  1922. Anca Terzea, judge, CA Piteşti
  1923. Viorel Terzea, judge, CA Pitesti
  1924. Petrişor Vlad, prosecutor, PJ Arad
  1925. Pausi Liviu Ionut, prosecutor, PJ Darabani
  1926. Hău Emanuel, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  1927. Aspra Daniela, prosecutor, PT Olt
  1928. Constantinescu Gheorghe, prosecutor, PT Olt
  1929. Ionica Rozeta, prosecutor, PT Olt
  1930. Negrila Claudiu, prosecutor, PT Olt
  1931. Noaja Stefan Constantin, prosecutor, PT Olt
  1932. Nitu Marian Sergiu, prosecutor, PT Olt
  1933. Blejan Alexandru, judge, Tribunalul Arges
  1934. Buda Dorel Ioan, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  1935. Couti Roxana Andreea, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  1936. Branzei Alexandru, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  1937. Dunca Ioan, prosecutor, PJ Baia Mare
  1938. Simona Oltean, judge, Tribunalul Olt
  1939. Olariu Nicusor, prosecutor, PJ Caransebes
  1940. Marinela Georgescu, judge, Tribunalul Olt
  1941. Buculea Raluca Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Timisoara
  1942. Butnaru Ciprian, judge, Jud. Braila
  1943. Ecaterina Florea, judge, Tribunalul Bucuresti
  1944. Doina Chila, judge, Jud. Arad
  1945. Elena Basca, judge, Jud. Arad
  1946. Dumitrescu Raluca Adriana, judge, JS4
  1947. Carmen Nicoleta Anton, judge, CA Pitesti
  1948. Alina Ghinescu, prosecutor, DIICOT
  1949. Horia Surtea, judge, Jud. Arad
  1950. Serban Daniel Mihai, prosecutor, PJ Brasov
  1951. Ciotu Roxana, prosecutor, PJ Suceava
  1952. Iacob Adriana Niculina, prosecutor, PJ Suceava
  1953. Buzoianu Mihaela Alexandra, prosecutor, PJ Calarasi
  1954. Cirdei Loredana, prosecutor, PJ Suceava
  1955. Catalin Chiochiu, prosecutor, PJ Suceava
  1956. Diana Dinca, judge, Trib. Sibiu
  1957. Camelia Calin, judge, Jud. Calarasi
  1958. Claudiu Ulariu, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1959. Stefan Carmen Elena,, judge, JS3
  1960. Alexandru Bogdan Pop, prosecutor, PT Mures
  1961. Sandu Ana, judge, Jud. Dragasani
  1962. Calinescu Diana, prosecutor, PJ Suceava
  1963. Irimia Andrei Marian, prosecutor, DNA
  1964. Daniel Vale, prosecutor, PJ Tg. Mures
  1965. Bogdan George, judge, Jud. Arad
  1966. Costica Balaban, judge, JS3
  1967. Irina Tanasescu, judge, Trib. Hunedoara
  1968. Daniela Adriana Toma, judge, CAB
  1969. Plesa Laura Elena, judge, Trib. Bucuresti
  1970. Oana Bidiuta, judge, JS5
  1971. Laura Bosie, judge, CAB
  1972. Ioan Amariei, prosecutor, DNA
  1973. Preda Simona Claudia, judge, Jud. Targoviste
  1974. Pandel Ciprian, judge, Jud. Targoviste
  1975. Gheorghe Birdau, judge, CA Craiova
  1976. Anca Demian, judge, Jud. Hateg
  1977. Florea Nicoleta, judge, Jud. Mizil
  1978. Dinu Madalina, judecător, Jud. Mizil
  1979. Diana Bachis, judge, Jud. Arad
  1980. Sorin Iercosan, prosecutor, PT Arad
  1981. Balanoiu Loredana Georgiana, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1982. Brojban Mircea Wili, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1983. Costescu Sorin, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1984. Harnagea Petrișor Ștefan, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1985. Ilies Carlo Gabriel, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1986. Plopan Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1987. Rotaru Cristina Maria, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1988. Vintilă Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1989. Tinica Alina Mihaela, prosecutor, PJ Barlad
  1990. Simona Florescu, prosecutor, PJ Pitesti
  1991. Maria Violeta Duca, judge, CAB
  1992. Cozma Alin, prosecutor, PJS1
  1993. Stan Doina, prosecutor, PJS1
  1994. Petrescu Corina, prosecutor, PJS1
  1995. Păun Dana, prosecutor, PJS1
  1996. Rascota Ion, prosecutor, PJS1
  1997. Rădulescu Andrada, prosecutor, PJS1
  1998. Andrei Ilie Şalaru, prosecutor, PJS1
  1999. Adina Oana, judge, Jud. Arad
  2000. Dinu Bianca, judge, Tribunalul Parhova
  2001. Mujdei Larisa, judge, Jud. Botoşani
  2002. Ioana Daranga, prosecutor, PT Giurgiu
  2003. Anghel Monica, judge, Jud. Valenii de Munte
  2004. Laura Gaiesteanu, judge, Jud. Targoviste
  2005. Alina Nae, judge, Jud. Targoviste



Trainee magistrates (National Institute of Magistracy)


  1. Bodor-Ionescu Tiberiu
  2. Filip Tudor-Petrut
  3. Bondar Elena-Teodora
  4. Tanasă Cătălina-Elena
  5. Iordache Alina-Oana
  6. Pop Paula- Crina
  7. Doroftei Georgiana
  8. Ciornei Dan-Constantin
  9. Ursuț Cristian
  10. Stoica Roxana
  11. Maftei Ioana
  12. Cătănoaie Alexandra-Laura
  13. Racovița Ecaterina
  14. Gruia – Teodor Streinu
  15. Răchită Ioana-Ruxandra
  16. Aloman Sanda-Nicoleta
  17. Necula Mihai
  18. Hurducaciu Tudor-Mădălin
  19. Trică Mihai-Răzvan
  20. Petrea Alin
  21. Bucur Ioana
  22. Motohoi Monica Elena
  23. Minac Denisa Mădălina
  24. Ardelean Cristina
  25. Boteanu Teona Gabriela
  26. Gheorghe Valentina Mihaela
  27. Corcodel Eugen Andrei
  28. Avram Adelina Florina
  29. Jarca Cristian-Paul
  30. Manea Theodora-Maria
  31. Purcărescu Cristina
  32. Teodoru Raluca
  33. Pleșca Diana-Tatiana
  34. Bărnuțiu Bianca Simona
  35. Lungu Carina-Gabriela
  36. Grăjdeanu Constantin
  37. Nicoara Alexandra-Ioana
  38. Dragota Larisa Petruta
  39. Verde Andreea
  40. Lazăr Justine Anca
  41. Bacoiu Diana-Mădălina
  42. Carabulea Daniel
  43. Cotoi Petruta
  44. Pop Florina-Maria
  45. Benec Sînziana
  46. Petculescu Elena-Adelina
  47. Pînzaru Bogdan Ștefan
  48. Roxana Beatrice Teslovan
  49. Carauș Nicolae
  50. Szilagyi Robert
  51. Geambașu Daria-Alexandra
  52. Dofin Cătălin-Liviu
  53. Cîrstoiu Matei
  54. Crețan Daniel-Alexandru
  55. Nețoiu Valentina Cristina
  56. Danila Sanda Cristina
  57. Tremură Mirel-Cristian
  58. Ciocoiu Georgiana Mihaela
  59. Călina Dumitru Constantin
  60. Toma Andreea
  61. Costache Gheorghiţa-Aurelia
  62. Belchiță Mihai Alexandru
  63. Georgiana Rizoiu
  64. Cristian Ionut Baches



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